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This is the seventh match in the first round of GameOgre.com’s Online Shooter Showdown 2011.  This a tournament of the top online shooters and FPS games as voted on by gamers.


This a battle between two very different online shooting games. Crimecraft has stepped up to be a leading free MMOFPS with an urban theme while S4 League is more of futuristic Sports MMO. It will be interesting to see which theme prevails.


  1. I voted S4 league for its fairly diverse gameplay. The different modes are a little more fun-oriented than conventional shooters, so it feels casual but gives a decent experience.

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  2. I voted for crimecraft even though ive never played those games crimecraft looks more fun and better graphics S4 looks too cartoony

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  3. I choose Crimecraft for the better online shooter but If they could change the character creation and add more locations and content then they would be even more better.

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  4. Crimecraft all day …. I have been playing since right after the beta and have loved every minute of it since then. I have Made a crimecraft youtube channel with over 50 helpful videos all about crimecraft and can be found at


    I have over 20,000 views and constantly getting larger. My goal is to help everyone experience this amazing game in one way or another. This game just blows my mind, the community is something else and just compliments the gameplay that much further. Its a great game that is ever evolving into what the community wants. They take lots of feedback and make what the players want which is how every game should be. It is just an all around amazing game and i give it a 10 / 10 4 sure so go download the game and play for free and you will be in the same boat im in. Or if your hesitant check out my youtube channel and just watch some awsome videos and i promis that will make u want to play.

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  5. Crimecraft, improved a ton over the past year. Try it, free to play with a not all too expensive gold bar system if you want to look a little better, wear a gasmask, hockey mask and so forth 😉 What’s there not to like when you can wear gasmasks?

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  6. i like both games but i think crimecraft is better in tactical and also action

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  7. i played both, and im still playing cc, voted for it even tough cc has its problems, s4 is way much more cash shop dependant, the rental system on weapons/clothes suck and while cc has its problems with cash shop too its not something that unbalances the game.

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  8. @JaredOzzy

    the game describe it self as anime stile shooting game, not to say this in a bad way but plz read game description before u post a comment about it , or at lease play it.

    i vote S4 is quiet fun and not like most shooting

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  9. s4 wins there are more skills you can do wall jump you can fly you can put a wall you can be invisible and more

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