GameOgre received this top-of-the-line gaming chair from EWin about three weeks or so ago. As you can see by the screenshot, the chair is quite attractive. As you can see, we have the ultra-sharp red and black model. The design is sleek with two pillows that are attached to the chair. You can move these pillows wherever you need to. This allows you to find your comfort level. For example, I am good size Texan at about 6 foot so I put the pillow as high as possible for my neck. The result for me has been quite successful so far whether I am working or using my club-like weapons in the various games that I play regularly.


The chair arrived after about a week or so. Despite the fancy appearance, setting up the chair was a breeze. The large pieces do not require much to assemble and the right tools were included. All-in-all, the chair was fully assembled in roughly 30 minutes. With the chair completely set up, I jumped on Steam and started to enjoy it!
spikedclub (43)When not gaming, maintaining the chair is much easier than expected. For example, you can sweat or spill a drop of soft drink and then remove it easily with a little water and microfiber cloth. Thus, don’t freak out if you get a minor spot on this beauty.

Regarding value, the chair’s appearance and high quality features listed below make quite an argument. Good luck in trying to find all those features in your local Walmart. You will mostly find office chairs or maybe game rockers there. To help with the cost on their website, EWin is offering a 15% off discount code (GO) to visitors.

Key Features:

  • 2D Adjustable Armrests
  • Height Adjustable
  • Durable Steel Frame
  • Aluminum Five Star Base
  • Strong Gas Lift
  • Cold Molding Foam
  • Lever Operated Back Recliner
  • Tilt Lock
  • Tilt Control Mechanism
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  1. EWin Gaming Chair is an interesting chair; I have seen a lot of Twitch streamers with chairs similar to that one, and I think the EWin Gaming Chair is a lot better than an office chair because of the head support and various adjustments. It is definitely a great chair to have, if the player intends on playing games for a very long time.

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  2. It sure is a good looking and comfy chair. Cleaning it also is more easier compared to my current chair but i don’t think i will be replacing mine anytime soon, maybe after it breaks and then i will get a new one.

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