People have found different methods to play games such as playing online, playing mobile, and now virtual reality. Virtual reality has had elements popping in the late 1800s. Men such as Antonin Arnaud and Stanley G. Weinbaum were early pioneers in Virtual Reality concepts.

With time, slot machines have changed along with what virtual reality can accomplish. Virtual Reality is now used to play many different games. The player just needs to put on a virtual reality headset and then they are ready for vastly different worlds. The player is rewarded by being able to interact direct with what they within the headset. The results are randomly generated and it does not consist of a pattern so the player cannot guess the outcome.

For few years virtual reality machines were not developed but people used it since it was fun. But with the time, there was a possibility of controlling the outcome and games that could be made from it. So, this led to next developments of Virtual Reality. From 1990 to 2000 onwards, console makers that included Sega and Nintendo launched VR offerings for their systems. In 1994, Sega was able to release the Sega VR  headset which functioned as a  motion simulator arcade attraction. In the next year, Nintendo launched the Virtual Boy which was hailed as the first system to boast stereoscopic 3D graphics. However, both of the devices were considered huge commercial failures. VR was then developed further by various other companies over the years.

There are various types of slot machines that use this technology with unlimited potential. In the modern world, applications for VR seem to be sprouting from nothing almost daily. Another example is a pinball game on steroids known as Hurl VR. These games have inbuilt features such as sounds, immersive environments, and high-quality graphics (machines with a display).

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  1. As technology advances new things that games can utilize will be available. It is interesting to observe how games evolve as technology does. I wonder how complex does technology allow games to get in the future?

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