As the global market for electronic sport changes, it affects the complexion of landscape live streaming directly. This is mainly in the development of broadcast platforms that are used to access individuals and tournaments streams in the ecosystem of esports. Progress in this sector determines the strength of rivalry among the companies. Here are some of the factors affecting the growth of esports;

Demand and supply

Streaming live and electronic sports continue and it still forms a mutualistic relationship which is much similar to that of TV and traditional entertainment. As the need for completive gaming rise, it results to increase in the supply of the content to be live-streamed. This will also result in more games titles focusing on engendering a more competitive scene leading to a rise in the number of tournaments, matches, and one’s streamer broadcasting on the top platforms.

Platforms associated with live streaming continue to be esport content undisputed home hence increase in the growth of viewership is a positive trend. The largest esport in the world “ League of Legends” (LOL) has demonstrated this certainty. The world championship LOL 127 percent growth of optimal contemporary viewers. Since the year 2013, depending on riot games unique number total attained 334 million in 2015, which rose from 288 million in 2014. The numerical trend is evident, and the projections vary with time and therefore, all groups of esports viewership will indeed tend to rise years to come. This will, as a result, lead to more live streaming outlets which are home to tournaments and various gaming experience, just like how idn poker has trended.

Changing in alternatives

While complete gaming and live streaming are still in existence. There is another alternative emerging that can affect the pattern of growth such as the introduction of esport on TV and also increase of esport streaming in the mobile. However, the choice of mobile streaming is not a transparent factor in competitive gaming.  It is quite evident that esports can or will get a home away from consoles and pcs. Also, the younger generation will continue to use mobile more for activities like entertainment, online socialization, etc. This will lead to disruption of the recent paradigm of streaming.

Product innovation

Also, there some elements of live streaming, where innovation changes can affect growth as a whole. A good example is esport content which streamed live is usually marked by zero-cost accessibility. Unlike premium entertainment and traditional sport which was locked behind payrolls current competitive gaming is free. However, it’s not guaranteed that this will always be the case. There is the popularity of software associated with ad-blocking among live stream viewers; a model for subscription is on the way. It is realistic for individuals to expect the monetary cost to be added to viewers for an extended period.


Celebrity streamers popularity, former competitive gaming pros are amongst the main draws for platforms associated with live streaming. These personalities usually attract many viewers while generating income from the number of viewers, just like Idn has gained popularity. Offering viewing community with choices of funding. The desired content is a significant step in the live streaming evolution, and therefore, one can quickly start a new wave of engagement and growth.