The online gaming industry can be compared to the city that never sleeps. The bright minds of business and technology have worked together hand-in-hand to create an entertainment platform, which is constantly reinventing itself through the advancements and innovative ideas that are taking place in the field of technology.

Over the last two decades, the industry has witnessed exponential growth owing to technological advancements. The year 2019 saw a phenomenal increase in the mobile gaming industry. You don’t need to leave your house in order to get the feel of this. Best Canadian casinos are just a click away from you now. Let’s travel down the lane to see what the year 2020 has in store for us as far as the trends and innovations are concerned in the gaming industry.

Smart Contracts

Although in the growing stages, smart contracts are becoming a well-known application making its way into the world of mobile games. This feature will be of great help in raising finances through ICOs by merging companies.

In the current scenario, many companies are making use of smart contracts to develop online games that are capable of running autonomously. This feature will bring 100% transparency into the game as the player will be playing against a code generated by the computer that can’t be manipulated.

Induction of Virtual Reality

The new trend in several areas, including the gaming industry, is the virtual reality, popularly known by the abbreviation VR. By the use of VR headsets, players can virtually enter live games and get the feel of gaming from practically anywhere. Although it would sound like a cliché, VR is really the future of the gaming industry, since players will experience immersive and fun-filled gaming sessions.

Augmented Reality

In the year 2020, we will not only see the trending of virtual reality, but also the Augmented Reality, AR. This reality technology is set to get the massive importance in the online gaming industry as well. Augmented reality will help people explore the unexplored dimensions of the gaming arena.

The question is, what possibilities does AR have in online gaming? Well, one thing is for sure that, with the introduction of Augmented Reality, the player would get a 360-degree gaming experience through a mobile application. If the potential of AR is rightly tapped and the mobile app developed correctly, players will not be able to differentiate the real and the digital world, thus getting a thorough and immersive experience.

Cryptocurrency: The New Mode of Payment

In the last couple of years, cryptocurrency gained immense popularity, with the gaming world being no exception to welcome it. There are numerous online platforms which are accepting transactions and gameplay in Bitcoin and other similar digital currencies. The features such as the ease of use, anonymity, and security in transactions make it a favored payment mode.

In the year 2020, a great boost is expected in the payment by cryptocurrency in the online game sector. It is likely to become a preferred payment option of many players.

The online game industry is ever developing and constantly changing as more technologies are making their way into the market. The more technological advancements happen, the wider and better range of services is offered by various online games and mobile apps. These several trends mentioned above are sure to start a change in the online game industry and bring in a new set of possibilities for online players.



  1. Augmented reality is slowing down, it feels like; Minecraft Earth is already shutting down this June and the Pokémon GO hype has already dwindled, and I feel like the pandemic’s played a huge part in slowing down the progress of augmented reality. Smart contracts and cryptocurrency, on the other hand, seems to be skyrocketing, so I think that’s the current biggest trend.

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