Online video gaming has met some criticism. It’s quite common especially among mainstream media, pop culture as well as anti-gaming activists rooting against video games. They are quick to pinpoint that online gaming creates immaturity, violence, and worse addiction. However, like most media on-net video gaming has its right side and wrong side. Did you know that playing on-net video gaming can help improve some aspects of your daily life? Here are some valuable skills that you can enhance from playing video games

  1. Personal accountability

Online gaming provides gamers with challenging tasks to accomplish in each game level. Conquering the impossible or achieving a rare accomplishment is self-rewarding. The rush of dopamine teaches one about perseverance as well as personal accountability. It shows the brain to focus on action and control the situations surrounding them. Valuable lessons like enduring and repeating a routine until one can overcome it can become applied in real life

  1. Make friends

The gaming industry is rapidly growing. It’s because of console games, mobile gaming as well as video game live streaming, among others. It’s a platform that has brought culturally diverse people together to enjoy something they all love. Games such as MMORPGs require multiple players thus one can pick up a role and learn to co-exist with one another

Games such as poker have new features such as live chat rooms. One can interact with other gamers and share their experience and borrow new ideas.

  1. Boosts multi-tasking skills

Some video games provide an intense situation where gamers need to be aware and manage visual as well as an auditory distraction at the same time. It is helpful in real-life productivity. Being able to multi-task is a fantastic everyday skill that is a must, and one can spill over to the rest of the world at work or home

  1. Enhances problem-solving skills

Online video gaming becomes designed in critical thinking, problem-solving as well as reading comprehension approach. One has to think their way through a level by following instructions diligently. Some games are used in education to assist students in thinking for themselves and solving a particular task at hand

  1. Mental and creative prowess

Game developers are on toes to come up with games that people can identify with them. There’s a genre of games that’s designed to enhance brain functionality. Some are tailored to emphasize hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, as well as visual acuity.

Other games such as Sudoku are about logical education and helps one to remain mentality focused. While others assist by exercising the memory, matching patterns, and thinking out of the box to get solutions. It is valuable in real life as one will remain focused and not lag behind


Online video gaming is beneficial to gamers. However, there’s a catch. You only need to game responsibly with moderation. Online gaming can enhance everyday life-skills and makes one think ahead of non-gamers. Online video gaming can be self-rewarding as they are fun and immersive, thus play a huge role in shaping one’s everyday life-skills.