Playing free games on your android device is now easier than ever. Many software developers work hard to provide free online games on mobile devices. If you have errands to run and you want to have the fun on the road or you simply want to sit in a comfy chair in your backyard, playing free games on your mobile device is the answer. It’s the fastest and easiest way to enjoy your favorite online games when you don’t have access to your computer.

In order to save you some time, we did some research and found the 5 best free games for android users:

  1. DC Legends – as you guessed from the name, this mobile app features one of the most loved superheroes in the DC Universe: Superman. The visual design is quite amazing, the chracters look all crisp and nice and the colors are vivid and create just the right level of contrast. You get all you need to have fun.
  2. The Battle of Gods – as a true warrior, you are dreaming of entering Valhalla, aren’t you? Well, this online game brings you that and even more. The  action game comes with simple graphics, but incredible gameplay. The theme takes you to a different universe and allows you to feel like a norse god yourself, especially when you start winning big. The visual design and theme make it stand out and for good reason.
  3. Hot Wheels: Race Off – this is one of the free slots no download that are created for the traditional-looking game lovers. Some gamers prefer a simple visual design, the classic symbols they are already used to, but new, bigger gameplay. The design looks amazing, everything is of very high quality and you can see the tremendous amount of work to bring it to life. How awesome does this sound? Give it a try!
  4.  Dance Games: Michael Jackson – the king of pop is here not only to entertain you, but to help your dancing moves. The developers made sure that Michael Jackson, one of the most beloved artists that ever lived, is still in our hearts and puts a smile on gamers’ faces. This amazing online game has a great visual design that you will definitely love. It’s really colorful and of very high quality.
  5. DC Comics – we started this list with a superhero-themed app and we are ending it with one also. DC Comics is a great-looking app that offers a really fun gameplay and plenty of rewards.

Free games for android users are easy to find, but we made sure you get the best 5 options right here. No need to waste any more time looking for the perfect mobile game. Try these five games and you will surely have a great time!


  1. The list was okay I guess​… I checked the Dance Games: Micheal Jackson it wasn’t that interesting I’m thinking about trying to play DC Legends or Battle of Gods 🙂 well we all have our different opinions.

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  2. I’m not familiar with any of these games nor do I know anyone playing these. Most of my games are “free” but have been doing ingame purchases. I should try these games and start saving some cash.

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  3. I’ve played DC Legends and I really liked it. It really captures that DC Universe feeling and I would definitely recommend it. I think a noteworthy mention to this list would be Clash Royale, since it’s so popular, fast-paced and features so many characters that it actually has its own wiki.

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