World of Warcraft has one of the shortest fireworks segments in any MMORPG — lasting only 18 hours on July 4th. The celebration in game represents the end of Summer’s End, the summer holiday in Azeroth involving a fire festival.

Due to the constraints, I pre-recorded a bunch of game footage going to and viewing the fireworks. The fireworks themselves last almost 12 minutes, so showing off the entire set would have been cumbersome.

However, two friends and informants that I have from World of Warcraft — Nutmeg and Jason — accompanied me on my journey so I figured this might make a better documentary of how people participate in WoW‘s fireworks. Unlike other MMOs, the fireworks in WoW are not player-participant oriented, they just happen every hour.

For those interested in Nutmeg and Jason’s experience in World of Warcraft see “The Fall of Nesingwary: World of Warcraft Merged Realm Community Effects“, “Interview with Nutmeg a Furry and Pandaren Player from World of Warcraft“, and “Interview with Mahhlour and Manahowl about the Time-Lost Proto Drake“.

via MMO Anthropology and available on YouTube.


  1. great video!! Played WoW little because couldn’t understand good games but this is good 🙂
    P.S: Kyt i didn’t know to you post all this, i saw that when heard you here 😀 Greatt from you 🙂

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