Many people think that all the online games are the same, given the fact that they are basically based on the same principle. Truth is, there are big differences between them and that’s the reason why some games are more popular than others. Wanna know which are the 5 most popular online games?

  1. Esports

Esports are the first game lots of gamers look for when accessing an online gaming site, even though they’re not as old as the other genres. These games gained a lot of popularity in a relatively short time because they use different themes, configurations, and game systems. If you have some casino bonus codes, then you should spend those ASAP.  Classic games used to not have such interactive tournaments that are around today. Although they require strategic thinking and you only win if you’re good enough, these games are the main attraction of any online game tournament.

  1. MOBAs

Same as esports, MOBAs thrive on competition and are based on skill and you cannot do anything without the help of teammates. It seems like people are attracted to games they don’t play alone any, as so many gamers devote most of their playing time with other gamers.

3. Shooters

Games which combine skill with strategic thinking, giving skilled players the possibility to change the outcome are also very popular among gamers. Counterstrike Global Offensive is one of the titles people often look for in online games that combines skill, teamwork, and highly sought-after items into one incredible game. The fun begins when you have to decide whether you want a new gun or not because that moment often decides if you win or lose the game.

  1. MMORPGs

Some MMORPGs are considered the game of old people because many have lasted for close to 20 years. New MMORPGs, on the other hand, gain more and more popularity among young gamers, mostly because the communities are just starting out and the modern games are targeted more towards younger players.

  1. Steam Games

While Steam games are often the most crowded ones, not all of their games are designed for multiple players in the same game at one time. Instead, solo players can enjoy their favorite Steam game at home, in a silent environment, where they are able to focus on the game and not on those guys who constantly plague some online games with noise.

If you haven’t played any online games from these leading genres, then you should definitely try them next time you access an online game site. Whether you get a reward with the help of the community or you play solo, these games are worth giving a try, as they combine the thrills of gaming with the excitement of the stories they are based on. Choose your favorite game now and start playing!


  1. Nice Article Ogreman, but the rank 1 Esports? maybe it should divided into different genres also. Why? It is just simply because MOBA’s are also Esports which means MOBA’s and Esports are only one. So the best way is to divide Esports into different genres. Like Sports game(FIFA, NBA2kSeries), Fighting(Tekken), Racing(NFS) and also Shooting is also part of Esports. Thats why we can easily say that it is the Rank 1 but in the list ,some of the branches of Esports are there also. So if we will change it into another list… Rank 1 should be MOBA, Rank will be Shooting , Rank 3 MMORPG’s/Solo RPG , Rank 4 Sports and rank 5 can be fighting or Racing … Steam Games? Same as Esports, it can also be divided… like CS: GO , its a Shooting and also Steam Game, Dota 2 , a MOBA and Steam Game also.. So maybe i am wrong with this , but this is my opinion about this article… But overall this a great and another awesome article…

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  2. Personally I wouldn’t consider eSports or Steam games to be genres. Esports are a form of competition, and Steam games are just games that are available on a specific platform. It’s like saying that speedrunning is a genre despite being its own form of competition and like saying Android/iOS games are their own genre despite being games available on their specific platform; it just doesn’t make sense to categorize them as game genres.

    But my top five would probably look like this:
    1) Action – includes shooters, fighting games, survival games, battle royale, etc. (games like Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros., Minecraft, etc.)
    2) Role-playing – includes RPGs and MMORPGs (games like Pokémon, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, etc.)
    3) Platforming (games like Celeste, Super Mario Bros., Limbo, Super Meat Boy, etc.)
    4) Strategy – includes card games, MOBAs, RTS, etc. (games like League of Legends, Hearthstone, Starcraft, etc.)
    5) Sports – includes racing games, golfing, soccer, football, tennis, etc. (games like Super Mario Tennis, Asphalt, Need For Speed, Rocket League, etc.)

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