Open Beta testing for Heroes of the Storm has been going on since March 19th and will continue until it is released on June 2nd. I got excited about the prospects of the game and decided to hop in and try it out before the launch. The game is free so go and try it before Thursday.

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Similar to WoW in MMORPGs, HOTS is very easy to start playing and have fun. Some MOBAs are not that friendly to new players and it really shows with their communities. Even some small ones on Steam are bad about this. If you can not jump into the fire and start acting like you have played before, even if you haven’t, you will likely get a “friendly” comment from a teammate or two. Yes, a thick skin is needed in these situations because some will persist and a few are getting reputations for bad communities because of stuff like this.

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Well, thankfully, Heroes of the Storm takes a great deal of the growing pains out of a new MOBA experience. In fact, it is quite possibly the best game for a player that has never played a MOBA before to start. The pressures of being new are removed because the tutorials show you everything you need to do, you can train with all bots and still get experience points, and their is a voice who reminds you important points throughout the game such as if your health is low or you should ride a mount instead of walking.

Screenshot2015-06-01 02_02_05Because you can learn easier without all the pressures regularly associated with most MOBAs, you can try to different stuff like going to attack mercenaries to join your cause or trying new abilities and talents or just have, you know, fun. For example, I usually play melee in most online games whenever I am giving the choice. This did not work out too well when I tried this previously in MOBAs because they are much harder to play than range characters. HOTS also has melee character with harder difficulty, but I found one for my Ogore character that works very well and is not that easy to bring down. Thus, I tried this in my first match with other players and did very well as our team won.

Screenshot2015-06-01 02_02_09When you reach level 6 you start to get daily quests. Actually, I have two in two days and can do both at the same time since one is to win three games as a warrior character and the other is just to win three games. The higher in level and the more heroes that you have, you can start participating in leagues.

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  1. Heroes of the storm is moba developed by Blizzard which you play as Diablo,Starcraft,Warcraft characters….There is alot maps not like League of Legends where you have just one map….Also there is more teamwork in this game you can’t solo entire team and games are short about 15 minutes….I recommend this moba

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