Game Companies are in business to make profits because that’s the primary aim of starting a business. As an entrepreneur, if you do not make growing profits, there is a problem.

These companies don’t run a charity, they are complex organizations, with sometimes hundreds of employees and shareholders that need to get paid and there is need to make more margins too.

With technological advancement, game companies have really improved on their strategies. They are aware of the increased growth in the world market, and they all want a share of the massive market cake.

These corporations are on the lookout for customers, monitoring their playing activities. Below are some of the techniques used by companies to track your every move.

IP Addresses and Cookies

Companies can track IP addresses. They trace multiple accounts using the same IP address, and they match the profiles when you play at similar times.

There is no way to hide from bookmakers. Any time you visit their website whether logged in or not. They know you are there except you delete your browser cookies.

Multiple Accounts

Many businesses are strict about having multiple accounts. They check for things like date of birth, address, device ID, etc. When a new account matches with an existing account in the database, they are grouped and monitored.

When users create new accounts, they all have the same level. But when you start winning consistently maybe on a daily, weekly or monthly basis they begin to monitor you, tracking your every game and you will notice some changes in the game level. They will even track your worst games.

Playing Skills

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Social media

Corporations have complex – Customer Relationship Manager Systems that continuously evolve.  The team is responsible for constant trolling on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. They generate daily reports on all posting activities.

These are some of the techniques companies use to track your playing activities. However, if you ever need more information on latest game news, accurate predictions, valuable playing tips and strategies that will help boost your betting skills, then you should check the major gaming communities.

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