When it comes to virtual reality, we already know that wasting your money isn’t the best option and that you have the courage to confront the mighty of it. However, this is not enough, if your goal is to experience VR in all its glory. There are some facts which you should know based on the previous experiences and approved by researchers. Every single VR maker is working on taking your money, so they found the way to do this in more efficient way.

  1. Good VR is expensive

To take your money straight away, they figured out one simple thing. If a user spends more time on the machine, there is a higher chance for you to buy more apps and accessories. Generally, if this is true, then the chance to save big on your purchase is the great question. There is also the simple matter of buying the VR headset which can run you at least $500.

2. More VR than you think

One thing is for sure, if you use any VR headset in the world, you will see a wide range of apps, they are the most common in the whole world. But Japanese have something we don’t, they have actually had VR weddings. That is right, Japanese grooms are now marrying VR brides. The brides are computer generated anime characters.

  1. China VR is big

Unlike Japanese, many Asian countries are addicted to VR, in fact, the biggest operation is based in Malaysia. When we talk about VR in China, we have to mention one of the most famous in the whole country. China Shores free virtual games is what may be interesting to you, if you love big round fluffy black and white animal, then this may be your optimal choice at free-slots-no-download.com.

4. Origins

Have you ever wanted to know when virtual reality was first invented? VR has been part of technology and stories for so long that we forgot how it all began. For example, one of the more modern stories was a science fiction short story entitled Pygmalion’s Spectacles by Stanley Grauman Weinbaum in 1935. In it, the author describes a goggle-based virtual reality system with holographic recording of sensational experiences such as touch and smell.

5. Picking the right VR

Most people, when entering virtual reality, this has everything to do with your choice. Think about what you want to experience, everybody’s will be different based on that choice.


  1. I know VR, is going to become big later in the future. It’s just not as big because many games are still working in progress on the VR. The VR is still a testing subject in my opinion.

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  2. (Good) VR is quite expensive, even today. But you can find some “used” or “pre-owned” VR headsets for a pretty reasonable price, although they’re still expensive. I don’t expect VRs to be cheap anytime soon, especially since they are still emerging technologies.

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