One thing about technology is that it does not care about time. We are in a new year, but that does not mean that we have time to adjust to that fact. On the contrary, it’s about time for developers to recap the developments in gaming that took place that year and look at what it is that they can change to make their market happier. That is especially true for those that plan on taking a step forward in the online gaming world, particularly those that want to work with great online game sites.

So, how can game developers make sure they’re on the front lines for a gig in the Danish bracket, the game developer’s haven? The answer is simple: by using these latest tools in the online game industry as discovered by Bedste Online

3D VR Gaming

2017 was the year developers fully embraced VR gaming, and should the current trend continue, virtual reality will take up an even bigger space in 2018. However, this year, the industry will focus more on 3D than 2D gaming (due to public demand). 2D gaming is great, way ahead of the 8-bit gaming era, but it falls short of the immersive nature, not to mention graphics advancement, of three-dimensional gaming. Game devs who want to up their games this year might want to think about how to make card-playing compatible with 3D VR gaming if they want to make it in today’s competitive game development arena.

Changing Themes

Sticking to old game themes is not going to be a flyer this year. In 2017, there was a notable increase in the number of people who had taken up online gaming. If developers are to remain relevant, they will have to adopt new game themes this year. By constructing VR around artistes, movie characters and even popular old-time gamers, they’ll be able to convert once-in-a-while online gamers into serious players.

Play into the Loot Box Trend

Apple recently made it clear that developers who wanted placement in their store would have to reveal to customers the chances that they would reel in the big fish – the loot box. A loot box is a box of rewards players unlock by reaching certain levels or overcoming specific challenges. With the loot box, consumers are never sure what they are unlocking, and whether or not the reward will be useful. If Apple made it compulsory to display the odds of winning with a loot box, who knows, Android might follow suit. Game developers can get ahead of the controversy by incorporating booster packs into all their games in 2018.

One could look at displaying booster pack odds as a downside. However, the truth is that it has a hidden benefit. When customers know the chances to get one, they are more likely to play because they realize they have a chance at winning loot.

If you’re an online game developer, using these three tips may put you on the best game scoreboard this year.

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