Looking at the broader picture, the world revolves around communication and technology as these two concepts make the interaction between people and computer devices possible. However, without networking and the internet, there will be no efficient communication. One of the world’s largest developers, manufacturers and distributors of networking technology is Cisco Systems.

Hereby, Cisco Systems, Inc. is also a leading vendor of valid networking certifications such as CCNP Routing and Switching.

What is CCNP R&S?

Well, this Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification Practice Test badge is known as the Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching certification. It validates highly-experienced skills in planning, implementing, verifying, and troubleshooting of local area and wide-area networks for businesses. In order to earn this credential, you should have at least a year of networking expertise with ready skills and have worked independently on complex networking technologies, issues, and solutions.

Some enterprise roles you might have performed include a systems engineer, network technician, and network technician. Importantly, to earn the badge, you must pass the three following exams:

  1. 300-101 ROUTE.This test validates routing knowledge and skills in advanced Internet Protocol routing. It also focuses on implementing scalable and secure Cisco routers connected to WAN, LAN, and IPv6.
  2. 300-115 SWITCH. The outlined assessment validates switching knowledge and skills in planning, configuration, and addressing of complex switching solutions of an enterprise using Cisco’s Enterprise Campus Architecture.
  3. 300-135 TSHOOT.This third test assesses candidates’ prowess in performing and planning maintenance on Cisco routers and switches.

Let’s go further and get to know whether this certification is really worth aiming for, before you choose to attempt the CCNP R&S badge.

Is CCNP R&S Badge Worth Obtaining?

  1. Higher Job Availability

So, with this credential, you have multiple career opportunities waiting for you. Job positions awaiting include an IT manager, a network engineer, a systems manager, a computer networks architect, and information systems manager, among others. Therefore, you should always focus on obtaining this lucrative CCNP R&S certification .

  1. Salary and Game Job Growth Potential

Being among certified professionals in your organization increases the potential for promotions. Moreover, you could move to another company without having to start from the lower ranks since a certification makes you more experienced in the industry.

With the wide array of impressive job opportunities, this CCNP R&S certification exposes you to have a chance for a salary increase. Research by the PayScale website shows that the CCNP R&S certified employees earn annually about $94,000.

  1. Skills Recognition

To acquire this badge, you must prove possessing great knowledge, skills, and experience in networking. After passing the required exams, you will eventually become CCNP R&S professional and so, be always recognized with the globally trusted Cisco credential in networking.

  1. Keep You Up with Game Networking Technology

Diving deeper, CCNP R&S – associated exams ensure that you grasp the updated knowledge and skills in networking technologies. Remember that Cisco certifications are retired within some time. Note, that in February 2020, Cisco is going to update its certification program and according to the planned changes, the CCNP R&S will be replaced by the CCNP Enterprise credential, and instead of the three current exams you’ll have to pass 2 tests, the core exam (350-401) and choose one concentration test provided by the vendor. All the detailed information you can find on the Cisco’s official website.

  1. Makes Your Resume Impressive

It’s a proven fact that a resume is a clear depiction of an individual’s education, skills, and work experience. Thereby, the CCNP R&S certification on your resume will come as a great addition to your professional image. Moreover, it will communicate your devoted interest in learning about the networking industry.

  1. Builds Your Self-Confidence

The CCNP R&S badge can build both your morale and confidence in networking. This is because the certification process is based on both lab and class sessions, showing you will gain hands-on experience necessary for solving the real-world problems.

  1. Makes Your Eligible for Advanced Certifications

Generally, multiple Cisco badges are a boost to upper-level IT credentials. The CCNP R&S certification paves a road thus to other badges in expert and architect levels. Therefore, CCNP R&S gives you an introduction to learning more complex networking concepts and gaining more advanced skills.

Role of Exam Dumps in Exam Preparation Process

While preparing for the exam/s, many candidates are doubt whether to use exam dumps or not. Well, to clarify this issue, let’s see how these files can assist you in the prep process.

  • Help You Know What to Expect

A lot of anxiety might come when takingCCNP R&S exams for the first time. Here, exam dumps from the ExamSnap website representexams’ questions and answers totally consistent with the real exam which are downloaded for free by the previous passers. This gives you an idea of what to expect in the test, thus making you more relaxed as you face it.

  • You Learn to Handle Exam Difficulty

Exam dumps encapsulate many questions and answers for CCNP tests, proposing them inside Cisco CCNP Premium Bundle altogether for a modest price, or separately with the valid supporting materials in each exam’s bundle. Preparing for your CCNP R&S exams using their premium questions and answers developed by experienced networking experts helps you be sure about the real exams’ topics and concepts.

  • Assist in Time Management

Most people fail their exams because they do not manage time well. Benefiting from exam dumps can help you learn how to tweak your work through the VCE Software, productive exam simulation tool.

  • Identify Your Knowledge Gaps

Main exams usually test your ultimate understanding of all the concepts associated with the CCNP R&S credential. Exam dumps help you identify the areas where you have not built a solid understanding, thereby making corrections where necessary before facing the actual exam.


Drawing a line, now you know what it takes to acquire the coveted CCNP R&S certification badge. Moreover, you have to make a strategy of earning it as soon as possible. All you need to do is to enroll in the three appropriate assessments and prepare with exam dumps from the ExamSnap website!


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