Do you love gaming? If you do, then you definitely know that a console is the only device that can help you enjoy your gaming effortlessly. Of course, we also recognize the incredible ability of the PC, but let’s discuss the console for a moment.

Without any doubt, when you think of a gaming console, the Sony Play Station and Microsoft’s Xbox are the most likely consoles to come in your mind. But what about Nintendo’s GameCube? How does it compare to the other two consoles? Does it match up with them or it is way behind? We won’t give a direct answer, but we’ll explore more to learn how GameCube compares to other consoles. Let’s fire away.

GPU Comparison

The Graphics Processing Unit is one of the major aspects of a console. Luckily, the GameCube scores decently in this area. The GameCube takes the lead when it comes to the GPU efficiency – thanks to the embedded 1T-SRAM from MoSys. On the other hand, the Graphics Synthesizer on PS2 depends heavily on the extreme parallelism for it to fill the 16-pixel pipelines. As a result, this will make the game to lag as you are playing.

But, of course, it is not comparable to the PS4, which has a better Graphics Synthesizer.

The Classic Games Hero

When it comes to the classic games, such as Super Mario, Resident Evil, Wind Waker, Prince of Persia, and other old-school games, GameCube happens to be the master. The console offers impressive gameplay, and it somewhat performs better than PS2. However, Xbox seems to be the greatest performer.

With GameCube, you can enjoy better support from third-parties, hence making your gaming experience better. This console allows the users to enjoy the latest Prince of Persia version, including Splinter Cell and Tony Hawks latest versions. There are some top games that you can play on GameCube, which are also quite addictive.

The Design

While the performance of the console is what most gamers look at, others look beyond that. Some gamers will want to consider the design (and weight) of the console. Yeah, you might say that they won’t be carrying it around like a laptop, but everyone has their own taste.

When it comes to the design, the GameCube is slimmer than the other consoles. For instance, it is slimmer than the PS4 by 156mm. GameCube comes in at 149mm wide, compared to the PS4 that is 305mm wide.

It is also thinner by 115mm compared to the mighty PS4. GameCube is 160mm thick, while PS4 is 275mm thick. In terms of the weight, Nintendo’s GameCube is 17.3g lighter than the PS4. PS4 weighs 210g, whereas the GameCube comes in at 192.8g.

The Price

Yes, you need a powerful console that can give you an out-of-the-world experience, but can you afford it? This is why you need to consider the price tags on the consoles out there. Generally, the GameCube consoles are cheaper than both PS4 and Xbox consoles. The GameCube consoles can range between $43 and around $120 but can go slightly higher. This is almost three times less what PS4 and Xbox consoles cost.

With the GameCube, you can enjoy a decent gaming experience without having to spend too much.

The GameCube Wrap-Up

In general, Nintendo’s GameCube is the smallest console out of all the gaming consoles on the market. Other than its small size and slim design, this console comes with an elegant theme. It has a nice purple casing that enhances its beauty. If you have it in your living room, anyone will notice how it stands out – thanks to the stylish purple casing.

As you already know, the PS lineage comes with a deep-black theme, while the Xbox is either whitish-gray or black in color. But you can buy some stickers for PS or Xbox if you want to give it a different theme. The only difference with the GameCube is that you get the purple casing when you purchase the console.

Graphically, GameCube is just as powerful as the Xbox and PS2, but it might not exactly compare to PS4 as such. Still, it scores decently, and you’d enjoy its delivery.

The fact that the graphics processor on GameCube (162 MHz) is more powerful than that of PS2’s 147 MHz makes it a unit worth getting. It would serve you well if you love the classic kind-of games.

Well, one of the things that make PlayStation and Xbox a better preference for most gamers is the fact that they come with many games. The game developers tend to make games mostly for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. But wait, what if you have two or three of your favorite games that are available on GameCube, won’t you be good to go? You most definitely would be.

By the way, you should know that Nintendo, who own GameCube, is the inventor of the Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong games. Every game lover knows about these two games and how they are highly valued by people out there. When you are playing with GameCube, you will notice that the images look just the same as they would when you play on Xbox.

When you play a game like the NHL Hitz, you will experience a smoother game with less vibration when the players move compared to the PS2. Keep in mind that you will need a proper GameCube buying guide if you decide to get one.

Who Should Get a GameCube?

Now to the major factor; should you get the GameCube? And who is it designed for anyway? Well, based on the specs and the delivery of this console, it seems more suited for young kids. You might ask why it’s suitable for kids and not adults. Well, most adults want a powerful console that can manage equally heavy games such as Call of Duty, Monster Hunter, God of War, Assassin’s Creed, and more.

The GameCube can handle the less complicated games that also don’t have some explicit content. That is why it is suitable for kids. Plus, it is smaller and much easier to control compared to Xbox and PlayStation consoles. So, if you want to get one for your kid, ensure that you choose the best. But ensure that you make your comparison before sticking to one GameCube.

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  1. The GameCube controller is probably the best video game controller ever made; it’s a popular choice in the Smash community (and popular for fighting games, in general), and there are even companies making Gamecube controllers that are compatible for newer consoles like the Switch or even for PC (even better, if you have keybinding options). I think it’s a well-designed controller.

    For instance, the varying-sized buttons on the right-hand side make a lot of sense for games where certain controls are more prominent than other controls. And it’s especially nice for fighting games where you have to press certain combinations of buttons. Plus the buttons are pretty big, so you’re less likely to accidentally press the wrong buttons which is kind of an issue with controllers such as the Switch’s Joy-Cons, because those buttons are small and close to each other.

    And the directional pad on the left-hand side is pretty much an essential part of a controller (it’s analogous to the WASD keys of a keyboard) and it’s a lot better than Xbox One’s clunky design (the one shaped as a debossed circle with squares).

    And the best part is probably the analog stick; you can fine-tune your movements since the perimeter surrounding the analog stick is octagonal, giving you a smoother degree of freedom. It’s really great for a lot of 3D games.

    And if I recall correctly, the shoulder buttons are pretty good as well. You have both tactile triggers and pressure-sensitive analog triggers. It’s hard to fine any other controller that’s better than the GameCube controller.

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