It’s Independence Day in the United States so it’s time for celebrations to take place in MMOs. Let’s run down who is having promotions or events in the free-to-play sphere for your 4th of July weekend enjoyment.


Neverwinter Online is ringing in the 4th of July with the Celebration of Lliira, a splashy festival with fireworks and numerous collectable rewards.

Firefall Online is running a double-resource weekend and, for the Light of the Arc celebration, there will be fireworks displays over Copacabana all weekend long every time night falls in game.

World of Warcraft (not exactly free-to-play, but hey) is celebrating the end of the Summer Festival with fireworks displays during the July 4th every hour, on the hour, over every major city and Booty Bay.

The Secret World is honoring its anniversary with the return of the Guardians of Gaia event this weekend.


Players will find double-experience this weekend in Star Wars The Old Republic.

As for stores Dungeons and Dragons Online is running a double-points promotion this weekend; EverQuest II is holding a summer rebate sale on holiday items; Fallen Earth has a summer sale for the combat patch; and Pirates 101 is running a red-white-and-blue sale on store items.

Champions Online is introducing the patriotic “Stars and Tights” and Liberty Bike themed sets. RuneScape is getting Uncle Sam hats and an in-game BBQ.

If the USA is victorious in War Thunder there will be discounts and RP boosts.

SMITE probably wins with the most absurd promotion by offering a Ra-merica Ra skin for the Egyptian Sun god Ra—which gives the Egyptian god a makeover into an American Eagle wearing red-white-and-blue garments, and holding a fireworks staff. His animations have also been updated in this skin and…it’s hilariously “patriotic.” You have to see for yourself to understand. For each sale of this skin, $2 will be donated to the American Red Cross. Available only until July 14th.

That’s it for our round-up of the Independence Day gaming events and promotions. If we’ve missed any, feel free to post them in the comments below!