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There is no more denying the world is seeing a proliferation of online gaming from one country to the next. Aside from the ultra-conservative Middle East, almost every nation on every continent is experiencing the effects of an industry that is growing leaps and bounds.

For decades, any major multi-brand gambling company could position itself to dominate as the top gaming provider in a given area. That was long before demand began to exceed supply. As more and more people became willing to set aside their puritan notions of gaming as a viable form of adult entertainment, interest in all forms of gaming increased. It became near impossible for multi-brand companies to stay up with demand, opening the door for smaller providers.

Today, it’s a real challenge trying to find a country that doesn’t support some form of gaming. Esports venues started popping up in Europe and America more than 50 years ago. Many nations now support many forms of gaming. The latest phenomenon is the exponential growth the world is seeing from the online gambling industry. Given the love affair people have been experiencing with their electronic devices (Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets), it was only a matter of time before online gaming would catch fire, and it has.

Are Esports in Jeopardy?

Anyone who has ever been to an esports event could certainly attest to the wonder of an attraction that was built for gamers. The bright lights, beautiful stadium filled with passionate gamers are a world unto themselves. The appeal of these gaming meccas will always attract the gaming purists. However, the esports industry has to be concerned about its ability to draw new customers, especially from a new generation of millennials who crave immediate gratification. Therein lies the biggest problem for the industry.

Esports are available on a limited basis in restricted areas of the world. Yes, more than half the states in America allow competitive gaming, but very few places can afford to put up mega events with all the resident bells and whistles. To enjoy the excitement of a major esports event, one still has to travel. Travelling costs are up as are the costs associated with eating and dining in a top-level gaming venue.

With limited financial resources, many millennials have become very prudent about how they spend their discretionary income. Anyone who fancies a few hours of gaming as a way to relax and have a good time is faced with asking themselves, “do they want the big vacation with a limited budget, or would a larger budget offer more appeal?”

Based on current trends, the answer to that question keeps coming back they want a larger budget to have more fun. This is a viable threat to the once powerful esports industry. The likelihood the esports stadiums will ever see a stick of dynamite is beyond comprehension. However, the esports industry had best take note changes are needed if the industry has any designs on recapturing the old magic.


  1. I’m sure eSports will continue strong, especially as more games get released. Personally, I’d get bored watching people play the same game, so I would definitely home there’d be more games introduced to eSports.

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