Holiday game additions this December will make a lot of people happy. Many people are always checking in to see the kinds of new games that are being added during the holidays. In a lot of cases, these are great games that become instant classics. In other cases, these games will not be favorites, but they will still be played and people will still like them well enough. There are few holiday games that actually fail and that people truly don’t like. When it comes to their holiday offerings this year, it’s clear that the best game companies really know how to give people what they want.

The new game Holly Jolly Penguins has the makings of an instant classic. This actually looks like the kind of holiday game that a lot of people will want to play even outside of the holiday season, in fact. One of the dangers of releasing a highly seasonal game is that people will potentially only want to play the game during the holiday season.

Companies will often expect that their seasonal offerings won’t last. The game might be popular for a little while, but it is not really going to hold up throughout the rest of the year. However, this has not been the case with a lot of major holiday games. It certainly does not look like it’s going to be the case with the Holly Jolly Penguins game, which just might be one of the best holiday games that has released in a while.

People will adore the penguin graphics, given the extreme and enduring popularity of penguins in general. Making a highly popular documentary about animals into a classic film is not easy, but the film March of the Penguins was able to make it happen back in the 2000’s. This is still a documentary watched today. People’s love of penguins has only intensified over the years, since they tend to get talked about a lot these days. Holly Jolly Penguins is a game that will be able to use the collective adoration of penguins to its advantage.

The fact that this is also a high-quality game with a great soundtrack will only make the experience better. It’s a game that really explores its premise and that will actually give people the chance to really enjoy a new holiday experience.

Websites like will soon have plenty of other holiday games on offer. Microgaming is releasing Wacky Panda along with Holly Jolly Penguins. Wacky Panda is truly the sort of game that a lot of people will enjoy and adore well after the holiday season. It’s more lighthearted than Holly Jolly Penguins. It’s also very much the sort of game that is not easily identifiable as a holiday game, which might give it even more staying power.

Holly Jolly Penguins and Wacky Panda both seem like a classic pair of holiday games. They both strike different emotional tones. Wacky Panda has a more traditional feel, and Holly Jolly Penguins seems more modern. However, they should both be a lot of fun to play