After taking a week off with no game bundles, Humble has returned with a great little bundle entitled Humble Gems Bundle. This bundle’s premise is to have only “hidden gems”.  Part of this concept is having games that are rated 90% and above on Steam. Well, this concept definitely works as each game is high quality and I did not own a single one yet.

The tiers in this bundle are also very affordable. There is only one game out of seven overall in the top tier. That said, there is not a big reason to get the top tier unless you want that one game. For over $8 less, I bought the rest of the bundle at the average of around $3.82. That average is now currently at $4.36 so buying it not long after it opened was the best way to go.

The top tier game is called Unbox and can be bought in the bundle for $12 or on Steam for $15.99. That is still a good discount for the game, but it does rocket the price of the bundle up. It is up to you whether you think that one game is worth it or not. However, it should be noted that all the games together are worth $115 so even buying the top tier offers a substantial amount of bang for your buck.

Humble Gems Bundle Tiers

For $1 or more:

Technobabylon – 96% rating on Steam. A cyberpunk adventure game that rejuvenates the once popular setting.

Odallus: The Dark Call – 93% rating on Steam. Action-adventure game that will harken players back to the days of Castlevania.

Chroma Squad – 95% rating on Steam. Tactical RPG that takes a humorous approach.

For the average price or more:

Spaera (Early Access) – 100% rating on Steam. Head-to-head puzzle game.

Westerado: Double Barreled – 93% rating on Steam. Western style premium version of a free game.

Assault Android Cactus – 96% rating on Steam. Arcade style twin stick shooter.

For $12 or more:

Unbox – 93% rating on Steam. 90s style 3D platformer.

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