Learning to code games from scratch is not easy. It takes lots of time and focus. The key is to get started and then to stay on the path. Either get started on a game project and look for tutorials every step of the way or buy the books that will help you stick to it and want to learn more. There are also sites like Code Academy that give you real time coding sources to help- you learn the basics of PHP, HTML, CSS, and more. There is even a game called Code Combat that makes you program just to move your character along the screen.

On the other hand, buying books to learn coding is n0t only expensive due to the cost of some, but also very time consuming because there are so many possibilities on where to start. For example, should you start with Python or Javascript? Years ago, programmers or coders started with Basic and were good to go. Now days, there are so many choices  that it makes it considerably harder without attending a school or course dedicated specially to coding.

For example, saw Bob Parsons of Godaddy on CNBC this week. I was amazed by his story of learn how to program. He was waiting for his plane in Connecticut when he went into a book store and bought a book on basic. Then while flying he learned Basic and had already made programs from it while flying on the plane. When asked where he learned to program, he says Connecticut because that is where the  book store was that he bought the book at:).

Thanks to Humble Bundle and its current Book Bundle, the process of buying coding books for yourself or for your kids has never been easier. For just $17 you can buy a grand total of $351 worth of books. There are a total of seventeen books and some cost well more than $17 by themselves. Some are Lego books and there is also a sampler and a free program to boot. The Coding books are amazing and highly reviewed wherever I looked. These include Java Script for Kids, Python for Kids, The Manga Guide to Databases, Learn to Program with Scratch, Teach Your Kids to Code, and even Super Scratch Programming Adventure! Obviously these are aimed more at kids, but it is also an easier way for adults to learn as well:). I bought this bundle so I will be describing my progress over the weeks and months to come.


  1. The only programming language I’ve learned how to make basic games in is Flash/AS3, unfortunately due to the plugin slowly dying I may have to look into HTML5 and PHP

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  2. I have had no patience to learn to code games but i have used SDKs to test what i can make with them.
    Maybe in the future i will actually have patience to learn to code so i can make a little game without using SDK.

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  3. I think the biggest mistake for game programmers is creating games without learning the fundamentals. Once you learn the fundamentals (if-else and switch-case statements, loops, functions, structs and classes, objects [inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, abstraction], pointers and memory management), it becomes easier to piece things together. I’ve seen some poorly-coded games, like games coded all in one function, because someone didn’t want to take the time to learn about functions, and then their project just became unmaintainable, so always take the time to learn before you jump in.

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