Anime Battle 1.8

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Anime Battle 1.8 is an exciting retro style fighting game where famous anime characters battle each other. This game is actually a sequel in a long line of installments with 1.7 being its direct predecessor. There is some Japanese text in the game so a translation would be a good idea, especially with the interface. However, Anime fans will probably be expecting that. In fact, this is likely an anime fan’s dream game as it involves many popular heroes of the genre. There are also three different games modes including two player coop to get more out of the game’s targeted concept. Overall, this should be a must for any gamer with an interest in Anime.

Play Anime Battle 1.8 Fighting Game

1. Free online game.

2. Famous Anime characters face each other.

3. Retro style fighting

4. Three different modes: Arcade, Deathmatch and two player coop.

5. Sequel that features new arena and heroes.

6. Many installments in this series.

7. There are many different anime heroes to choose from.

Pricing Mode
Anime Battle 1.8 is a free flash game published for the web and is supported by ads and micro-payments.

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  1. Cool retro fighting video game,it has interesting gameplay and cool characters,I suggest it everybody

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