It’s the end of 2013 and winter has struck the northern hemisphere–as a result, every MMO out there is running their own winter celebration.

Let’s take a look at a few of those events that MMO gamers can look forward to right now.

World of Warcraft–December 16, 2013 until January 2, 2014

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft has one of the longest-running winter events out of every MMO on the market. The “Feast of Winter’s Veil” takes place for both Horde and Alliance factions with goblins running the show and making a retail holiday out of the entire experience–in a sort of social critique of modern-day issues with the holiday of Christmas.

Players will find themselves immersed in wintry customs, costumes, and aesthetics as Yule trees arrive in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. The Orgrimmar tree is particularly interesting as its adorned with axes and skulls. In both cities a bearded man–standing in for Great-Father Winter–stands in front of a Yule tree with stacks of presents all around. As the end of Winter’s Veil come along the presents will begin to open and allow players to receive various gifts from within.

A daily quest takes players to fight the Abominable Greench who has attempted to steal Winter’s Veil by absconding with candy as well as locking up Metzen the Reindeer (as a sort of homage to Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.)


Star Trek Online–December 9, 2013 until January 16, 2014

Players of Cryptic’s Star Trek Online are in for a treat for a third year in a row where Q has gone and made an extradimensional holiday space called Q’s Winter Wonderland. It’s a place for players to forget their petty conflicts between Federation and Klingon, set aside their differences, fight snowmen with snowballs, and save gingerbread colonies.

This year, like last year, has a ship on display and for players to win–in this case it’s the Plesh Brek a Breen heavy raider vessel that has all the pew-pew that players might want. It’s won via the same route as last year: running days and days on slippery ice.

In addition to everything from last year for players to get into, the devs at Cryptic have added a tiny gingerbread colony for players to defend from a threat of invasion. That invasion, of course, is being led by snowmen who must be defeated with snowballs (and gumdrops if you use that gun.)


Neverwinter Online–December 19, 2013 until January 9, 2014

The strange and wintry realm of Twilight Tor has opened to the players of Neverwinter Online as Cryptic’s amazing winter event opens up a totally different wonderland yet unseen.

The zone adds a number of festivities for players to take part in. The Twilight Run will bring players to take part in slalom races around the Lake Glorfindar on favorite mounts, on feet, or the brand new magical Winter Sled mount! Monsters on Ice leads to a fight on an icy lake against frost goblins, ice trolls, and rimefire golems in a contest to defeat the most frigid foes possible!

Or participate in ice fishing across Lake Glorfindar, utilizing rare baits and better rods to pull in the largest fish possible. Rare fish bring in more points in a contest, and more Lights of Simril to be used for various Winter Festival-exclusive items.

For the astronomers there’s star gazing, players will be star-struck as they stare into the winter sky and view the various constellations of Neverwinter and receive a fortune. Lucky players may even receive a special buff!

Crafters will enjoy Simril Lightcrafting, which involves collecting the Lights of Simril and craft them into various items in a brand new Master of Lights profession!

And finally enjoy new holiday items bought via the Lights of Simril and Stars of Fortune currencies to purchase rewards such as the new Sparkling weapons, fashionable scarves, the Winter Sled and Dappled Riding Horse mounts, the Frost Mimic and Fawn of Shiallia companions, and more!


RIFT–December 12, 2013 until January 1, 2014

Trion World’s Rift re-introduces Fae Yule and once again bring merriment and joy to every player.

Players will find that all the zones around Telara are filled with strange new quests that involve gifts, candy, and village-building? Players will find themselves needing to build villages in each of these zones to unlock a special vendor as well as reveal gifts stolen by the Fae and scattered around the zone.

As for PvP, Whitefall Steppes is extra-wintry and arrives with a sense of presents and Yuletide merriment where one player gets “touched” by the spirit of the season and the rest seek to stack their base with presents to win and … people should avoid being caught carrying the Fae Yule cake.

Raids will get even better with bosses having a chance to drop an extra chest–with presents tailored to the specific player’s build. And Grandfather Frost will be wandering Telara bringing joy and love to everyone.


Guild Wars 2–December 10, 2013 until January 3, 2014

It’s Wintersday across Tyria and the great asuran toymaker Tixx is once again making his rounds between the major cities–well, not really, he’s just parked over Lion’s Arch and the festivities have already painted the world white. As with last year, Tixx has had trouble with his toys–Lion’s Arch is full of magic and mayhem with snow and wintry decorations. Not to mention that the Mystic Forge has been exchanged for a giant snowglobe replete with a snowman.

Magical snow piles have also appeared across the city (and there’s an achievement involved.)

Players can also give alms to the poor via good ‘ole Hobo Tron (renamed Ho-Ho Tron) or some other human. Donating also gives players a chance to receive a much-desired achievement, although it’s somewhat at the expense of gold pieces…

Another fun element added to this year’s Wintersday also allows players to follow Festive Dolyak’s bearing gifts and defend them from skritt seeking to abscond with presents! The dolyak will wander around Lion’s Arch, skritt will attack, and sometimes presents will fall off. Of course, players can grab those gifts as well as get something special for their troubles.


  1. this are very good Winter events.
    I wish world of tanks would have something like winter event.
    We only have Winter Surprise Calendar:)

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  2. Winter has arrived in Tyria with Achievements abound! I’m loving the rockband/guitar hero esk mini game… hating the jumping puzzle as always and feeling frustrated I can’t find people to play Toypocalypse… again it seems the majority played the first day or so… got the achievement and then just moved on, ArenaNet needs to find a way around this… disappointed it’s not in the group finder either.

    Otherwise I’ve loved the events… got a good chuckle out of people whining at others because no one is donating to start the Event, ah entitlement and greed, even in games. Anyways, it’s been fun… good show ArenaNet, good show. 🙂

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  3. I Love the rift one,its very fun during the event and the graphic FX are amazing 🙂

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