Bungie, that’s the most known for their FPS series Halo, have finally showed up lots of new things from their upcoming game Destiny. The game will be released for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 around the middle of 2014.  Today, Bungie have over 400 employees, and the presentation of the game down at Gamescom a couple of months ago, was held by two happy girls who were both part of the team behind Destiny.


As a game fanatic, there’s nothing more fun and expectantly as E3 and Gamescom each year. When the developers are finally revealing loads of news of upcoming games, makes new announcements and shows us what we can expect the following year. Bungie is a prime example. Before Gamescom, there wasn’t much information at all about Destiny. Admittedly, we have seen an occasional teaser trailer and a short gameplay variant but it was after Gamescom they opened up the treasure chest with all of the information that we want and lets us get a deeper look at the game that we all will come to love, in one way or another.


The scene structure in Destiny is certainly captivating. The series takes place in a post apocalyptic future where humanity is near extinction. This after our golden age, where we managed to conquer space, ended with an extraterrestrial threat attacked and forced us back to Earth. It was then that the Traveler, a mysterious moon-like orb appeared. The life force inside the sphere sacrificed himself to save humanity, while its powerful vehicle stopped and to this day continues to float high in the air. And below the orb, a city was formed where people can thrive again so that it may one day explore the stars again.


By exploring their old home planet, the humans discover that they are no longer alone on Earth. Destiny is the story of our struggle against those foreign forces. In this war-torn future, the player will take on the role of a Guardian – one of the last city’s patron. According to Bungie, the Guardians can exert powerful magic, which in some way is connected to the ball in the air. The fighting takes place across the globe, but you will have to return to the main city between the missions to interact with other characters, players and manage your equipment.


Currently it’s being whispered and tassled about the phrase “shared-world shooter” that Bungie used when they described Destiny without really explaining what they meant. Is it an MMO? Will the game revolve around more than running around in first person and shoot aliens? The game will reportedly require a constant internet connection, which could scare away a small part of the Bungie community. Their games have always had great replay value in the single-player front. Now the question is if it is not longer important for them, because if that’s the way, many fans will probably be dissapointed. The biggest question though, is probably whether Destiny will be a good game or not. Right now it feels like Bungie’s biggest hype tool is to say, “Trust us, we’re Bungie,” but there is no certainty that it will be enough. Personally, I do think that the game looks very entertaining of what I’ve seen, but I have no idea if it’s going to be like that once I play the game.


With that said, there is much to be optimistic about. Bungie has, after all, a lot of credibility when it comes to confident statements. We know that they can deliver some excellent games. Bungie have really succeeded in capturing our attention with the unveiling of its new game series. It’s clear what direction they are trying to take the game, while many questions still remain. At the moment, however, we really look forward Destiny, but we really do not know why yet. And maybe that’s just the way Bungie wants it.


  1. Well, Destiny is Bungie’s (I think) latest game since the Halo games. And since we all know how popular Halo became I think it is quite obvious that many people have high hopes for Destiny. I’m one of them, and I really look forward to its release. It’s a shame that it will take almost a year before it releases :p

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    • It is indeed, first Bungie game on a Sony console as well. Bungie is aiming high and it’s looking really good. My only fear is they are trying to be too ambitious, but if I’ve learned one thing from the Halo series it’s to never count Bungie out… they are ridiculously talented.

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      • Well, since we that know Bungie can indeed make some brilliant games, the expectations are higher. What I’m worried about is that if the expectations will be too high, making many people dissapointed, even if the game does look good so far. Hopefully it will live up to its expectations, but we can’t do anything rather than wait and see how it will turn out.

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