As the March update rolls in, adventurers are wondering what the game has in store for them. From a new Abyss Raid boss to a new racing event, the first major update is sure to excite many players.

Weeks after its official release, Lost Ark is getting its first major update. From changes to in-game balancing to additional new main story quests, the hit MMO APRG is introducing new content that players will enjoy. Discover the newest ways of how players can earn Lost Ark gold in Arkesia.

New Main Story Questlines

The new update will add more quests related to the recovery of the last Lost Ark. After acquiring the sixth Ark in Feiton, fans are left wandering around the last unexplored regions in Punika without being given a clue on where the last relic is. However, it seems that gamers with Lost Ark accounts are finally going one step closer to acquiring the last of the Lost Arks.

Smiltegate’s MMO ARPG’s main story will continue in the March update as players search for the first guardian slayer. Adventurers will be given missions that focus on discovering Kadan, the first guardian slayer, and getting clues on where the last Ark is located. The new storyline will also put more emphasis to the Sidereals.

Unfortunately, the continuation of the main storyline is locked behind the item levels. For players who have not yet reached tier 2 and item level 1100, they will not be able to access the additional main story quests until they get stronger. To start the new quest, adventurers should have already finished the Let There Be Light on Yorn quest, the main questline in Feiton, the Start of Our Story on the Whispering Islet, and the End of the Trials quest in the Illusion Bamboo Island.

New Abyss Raid

In addition to the new main story questlines, Amazon is rolling out a new Abyss Raid involving the traitorous Guardian, Argos.  Abyss Raids are an end-game feature in Lost Ark that are very similar to Guardian Raids. Abyss Raids are much harder and will require more strategy since Abyss Bosses have at least one team-wipe mechanic in their arsenal. Argo’s raid will be an eight-man party content wherein the boss will undergo three phases that players must survive through. Here are the recommended item levels for each phase:

  • Phase One – 1370 Item Level
  • Phase Two – 1385 Item Level
  • Phase Three – 1400 Item Level

Arkesia Grand Prix

Other than the continuation of the main story and the new Abyss Raid boss, players are in for a treat as Amazon and Smilegate are about to introduce Arkesia’s very own racing event. The event, known as the Arkesia Grand Prix, is a time-limited event available a month after the March update. This Grand Prix is a nice change of pace considering that players mostly do Raids and Chaos Dungeons.

The racing event will see two teams composed of seven players each competing against each other as they race around a track. Their goal is to reach the finish line first and prevent the other team from progressing. Progress points are computed by reaching the goal and munching on cakes on the track.

Ranked Proving Grounds Season 1

Ever since the release of Lost Ark, fans have been waiting for the competitive PvP matches to arrive, and it seems that the wait is over. Ranked Proving Grounds matches now enable prestige and rewards for players, so they have an incentive to do the PvP features. Progress in the ranked season is represented by the Competitive Match Average Score which will also dictate what rewards adventurers will receive by the end of the season.

The PvP update will occur later in the month and not at the same time as the initial update. This will provide the groundwork for the developers to make the feature much smoother and more optimal. While waiting, players can practice their PvP skills until the ranked matches roll in.

New Log-In Bonuses and Minor Updates

There will also be new log-in rewards rolled in as soon as the March update goes live. These rewards include essential materials that players can use in honing, rapport building, collecting card packs, and many other activities. Europe West will feature slightly altered log-in rewards to help them catch up with other data centers.

There will be some minor adjustments that aim to improve balancing in the game. A lot of players have been complaining about several boss mechanics that are unclear, bugged, and difficult to spot.

These new features are certainly big additions to the game. However, there are more major updates that will be coming soon which include new classes. Lost Ark players will have to wait for a few more months for some of these updates to roll in. In the meantime, adventurers are encouraged to farm more Lost Ark gold to become stronger so that they can access the new additional content.