has been having fun underground in Minecraft the past few weeks. We happened upon a very large cavern underneath the surface during one of our Ogre Game Times. Since we are in creative mode these days, I was flying around the cavern and lighting it with glow stones. In fact, I rarely use anything but glow stones to light up anything in Minecraft lately. Well, I got to the end and decided to just keep on going so I dug a narrow path in front of me. Then I decided to use some TNT to make a tunnel after a little ways. That is how it started.

2015-05-27_15.57.11Using TNT to blow out the tunnel.

Then I just kept on going building longer and longer bombs. This was stepped up a notch when Kyt Dotston saw how we were tunneling through the earth since he uses auto-fill commands to make the bomb planting so much easier. Water and lava have to be fixed after the giant explosions or they will affect the server and make it laggy. Once the dynamite goes off, the screen usually lags for up to a minute. In fact, the explosions have even been known to knock our youngest member (Arcadeknight) out of the game all together.


¬†Weeks later and we are still at it. Aaddron has taken to following the ever long tunnel with a platform and railroad tracks using an auto-fill command as well. That way we can ride for miles in style. So far the tunnel has gone through everything from lakes of water, rivers of lava, old abandoned mines, secret caves and monsters galore. Will probably keep going until we can’t go anymore. Anybody can stop by the livestream on Twitch to see us every week.


  1. Seems kind of fun playing with TNT to create tunnels; it’s something I would probably do if I was bored. It can be a little chaotic though, since you might blow up blocks that unveil a stream of lava or water, or you might even blow up diamond ores.

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