Playing Madden 20 the whole year was a great deal of fun! Started out the game by preordering it with all the MUT (Madden Ultimate Team) goodies. The MUT was a little different since had just finished the last real days of MUT for Madden 19 and had loved it despite extremely poor reviews from gamers. However, the MUT for Madden 20 started off slow with not nearly as many options for players and what was available was too expensive in the in-game currency. In fact, it would be more fun to play at rather than continuing to play MUT 20 so switched to Franchise mode! Once the switch was made to franchise mode, Madden 20 was considerably more fun and I ended up not going to back to MUT even when Madden 21 was about to come out.

Although it was not preordered like Madden 20 was, Madden 21 was bought not long after being released. The only negative thing about this was buying the physical version of the game at Walmart because you have to have the game inserted into the console in order to play. If you buy a game online, which I have been doing for many years, you do not have to worry about the physical copy of the game at all. There was also confusion over this because a free trial was being offered at the same time. After being so used to not taking out the game disc, I just went ahead and started the game like I normally do and it worked, at first anyway. I actually thought that it installed the whole game and it was no longer needed to play since it did take a long time to install. However, all that really happened was that I was playing the free trial when the disc was not inserted and needed to insert it again as soon as the free trial ended. That said, Madden 20 was a lot less confusing to get started.

On the plus side for Madden 21, the price was much lower at $50 because it was the regular version and Walmart was offering a deal at the time. Also, the roster is much better in 21 as the rookies this year are something special. When entering the game, you are given your own avatar/character when logging into their servers that acts like a player for a MMORPG in that you level up and buy appearance loot with game currency. You can play Offline Franchise Mode, which I do, and it will still help out your character! Last but not least, the Yard features heaps of backyard football fun in an arcade style setting. All things considered, going to have give the edge to Madden 21 so far because it is a step in the right direction for the most part with the Yard and the RPG character feature.