The Prague Gaming Summit is an event that brings in some of the top gaming operators from all over the world to help connect these leaders with some of the best gaming solutions that keep people coming back time and time again. NetEnt is a sponsor of this Prague Gaming Summit.

NetEnt is a leading digital entertainment company that helps many of the top gaming companies find the solutions to keep drawing their customers back, maximizing exposure, and capitalizing on the tremendous success online gaming has enjoyed.

While there are some great new NetEnt games in 2017, thecasinodb is one of the best places to find out where people can play them.

Eastern Europe is beginning to emerge as a strong market for gaming, both in person and for online operations. It’s drawing a considerable amount of attention from work markets and gaming leaders, and with the Prague Gaming Summit set to take place on June 8 and 9, sponsorship will attract a great deal of attention.

The Number of Expected Delegates

The Prague Gaming Summit is set to be presented in a seminary format, meaning there will be lectures and exhibits as well as a wealth of information to help people better understand regulations and the market as a whole. The global market has seen some extraordinary changes in the past two decades and with the explosive growth of the Internet, and keeping up with and -even more importantly- capitalizing on the potential that has been opened up, is essential for modern business success.

The gaming industry has broadened its reach and while that hasn’t spelled any great news for the traditionally dominant sectors of the world, like Las Vegas, Morocco, or Atlantic City, it’s provided a launching pad for many other regions. More people are turning to online gaming as a way to find entertainment, especially when they wish to play from time to time.

What NetEnt Offers

NetEnt was established in 1996, more than two decades ago, and has been driven to keep the online gaming market strong. It has been recognized as a leader in the development of cutting-edge technology and platforms that make it easy for consumers to seek out and find the most intriguing and exciting online games to enjoy.

They continue to remain at the top of their game (pardon the pun) and with some of the best new NetEnt online games in 2017 making waves and having people buzzing about them, they are a perfect complement to this upcoming Gaming Summit in Prague.

The summit will feature one-on-one conversations, strategies that can drive more business, legal topics, and much more. As Eastern Europe continues to expand its vision within the online gaming industry, it is also taking a leadership role in helping some of the most ambitious companies take full advantage of all that the Internet has to offer for online gaming and NetEnt is right there as a leader of the pack to help.


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