started this giveaway last week on our forum at and the demand has far outweighed the supply. Code requests were piling up by the hundreds and multiple accounts were being used to in an attempt to thwart regular players from receiving a code at all.  However, we finally got it under control doing it our usual old school way by requiring a review about AQ3D.

We had to make a few adjustments such as pausing the other two AQ3D giveaways until this giveaway slowed down enough. We also have had to pause support for codes due to the extremely high numbers of players wanting this special sword/blade from GDC. Despite all of this, the upshot has been mostly a great community as many members have stayed as New Ogres and Ogre Regulars. Of course, there have been a few people who were not thrilled by not getting many codes or getting a code at all in cases where a clubbing (banning) was required. Nevertheless, the positive has far outweighed the negative.

For this Giveaway, we are going to skip the blog code requests, but you can still get one on the forum if you haven’t got one yet. The way we give out codes is a little slow, but it makes it easier for more people to get a code. We once had a Marvel giveaway that was automated at first and we ran out of those codes under 5 hours. What usually happens is bots take over and gobble up most of the codes. Still we may be one of the few sites that does it the old way. It’s not easy, but it opens up the giveaways for everybody to have a chance at it. The weird thing is that blog giveaways are even slower, but not near as effective as forum giveaways.


  1. AdventureQuest is a true crossplatform game where you can play on your phone or on your computer for example if you dont have a computer but just a phone and your friend has a pc not a phone you can still play together.I also like the humour this game has it has no tutorials you have to explore on your own but the game is laid out perfectly so you dont get confused or lost.I really like this game and i would like to get a code please thanks you. 10/10 best game.

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  2. I just saw this giveaway! Is it too late to request a code and if not, where do I need to do it?

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  3. AdventureQuest is a true crossplatform game where you can play on your phone or on your computer. I also like how the game is very interactive. I really love this game and i would like to get a code please thanks. 10/10 game

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  4. Welp!!! i cant believe that there are many people commented here lel.. But thank you so much ogreman for letting us get this Special Sword.. welp maybe it is not that awesome(im talking about the Design) but still its a rare weapon so thank you once again.. 😛

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  5. The AQ3D is preety good game for all ages.U can meet very interesting peoples.The best thing about it is its own movmment and the style of the pretty awesome.But the best thing about it is that u can acctualy play it on the PC or PHONE that couldnt be more better.I hope there will be a lot people iterested in this game cuz its so crazy awesome 😀

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  6. I am amazed how you handled the riot of people wanting the codes though pausing the other giveaways might’ve cause another one 🙂

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  7. Adventure Quest 3D at its Current Beta state is in pretty good shape. Im playing on Steam Platform and the graphics is amazing and the loading speed of maps is commendable. Yes, still has some few bugs on the interface but manageable. I can see this game has a bright future ahead. Cheers!

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  8. This game is awesome! I make YouTube videos on my game play for aq3d! If this was a 1-5 start rating system I’d give it 5.5.5 stars. Truly an amazing game to play with smooth game play

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  9. AQ3D is indeed a fun environment where you can fulfill your desire to become the best. AQ3D was made and with the purpose to bring people together and that makes AQ3D different then any other games out there. Thank you for your time.

    P.S. I am new to this website and I just created a account. Do I wait to get the code for the blade?

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  10. Hi! Aq3d is by far one of the best mobile platformer mmos ive played over the last few years, as it is only in open beta there are some clunky mechanics still being ironed out however the largely supportive and positive community are more then happy relaying bugs for game devs to squish and enhance overall gameplay! Crafting is a really nice touch as dungeons are a good way to meet fellow players and team up to kill bosses! All in all would highly recommend aq3d as a nice leisurely game or for us more addicted rpg goers, a great way to spend most of your day XD 5 stars!

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  11. Aq3d the best a lot of people dontbrealize that the darkest knight is one of the strongest weapons in the game. I can’t wait till they get the new classes in there update.

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  12. Hi I love yalls products and I really want a GDC blade I’m currently saving up for the cape,club,and ax in aq3d I love yalls hard work and I appreciate people who take initiative I’m glad game ogre exists because it’s great and friendly

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