As the drop date for the next expansion of Neverwinter Online approacheth so does more information of what Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have in store for players. So far, two notable pieces of news have been released by the studio and publisher and these speak to an additional class—the shadow wielding Warlock—and a brand new race—the scaly, humanoid Dragonborn.

The Module 4 expansion for Neverwinter Online, named Tyranny of Dragons, drops on August 14th.

The Scourge Warlock class

The Scourge Warlock, displayed prominently on Neverwinter’s website, is an interesting class designed around wielding the dark arts for ever-increasing single-target damage. Warlocks will be able to inflict damage on foes in a DPS role by dealing direct necrotic damage, pulling out their souls, and cursing them with horrible hexes. Additionally, Warlocks will be able to support allies by stealing the life force of enemies to heal and empower allies.

The Warlock will have three primary skill trees to follow: Fury, a warlock who destroys her opponents through fire and death, by weakening them with curses and burning them into smoldering husks–Damnation, is a pet class that controls a “soul puppet,” that harasses foes and empowers the warlock to inflict ever-increasing outgoing damage–and Temptation, a warlock who binds the souls of foes and allies to steal the essence of enemies and impart the power to their friends; additionally, these warlocks have auras that fortify nearby allies or deteriorate nearby foes.

The Dragonborn race

Children of Io, the great dragon-god, the Dragonborn are humanoid dragonkin, resilient, steadfast and strong—and able to unleash their fury upon opponents.

They are the only race that allows players to add +2 to any two stat categories. Dragonborn also have additional racial bonuses such as 5% more healing and a 5% change to apply Dragonborn Fury, adding an additional 3% Power and Crit to attacks.

The upcoming release of this new race is coupled with the Dragonborn Legend Pack for $74.99 (25% off for a short time only, down from $99.99). The pack will not only unlock the Dragonborn race for the player’s account but also contains a number of other interesting rewards: Dragonborn Warrior Fashion, Heart of the Red Dragon Artifact, Draconic Enchantment, Ring of Dragon Slaying, Race Change Token, Gemfinder Enchantment, Extra Character Slot, Dragon Glyphs, 30 Slot Bag, Dragonborn Ceremonial Fashion, and Bahamut Regalia.

The Heart of the Red Dragon Artifact allows a character to breathe flame; Dragonborn characters receive extra damage when this effect is used.

The Dragon Slaying Ring is one of those items that grows with the character (so it can be worn at level 1 all the way up to 60) and adds damage against dragons. The Bahamut Regalia is a set of powerful items with suitably draconic aesthetic design, including a cape that looks like it’s made out of dragon wings.

Of course, there’s a town wear aesthetic item in the Dragonborn Ceremonial Fashion.


    • Right now Dragonborn appear to be exclusive to people who buy the Legends pack and there has been no information about being able to buy into the race individually.

      However, we have seen exclusive races become available to the playerbase at large in later modules. An example is the Drow race — exclusive to the Hero of the North Pack as the Menzoberranzan Renegade — which became available to everyone after Fury of the Feywild. Although Renegade and Drow differ, the Renegade only has a slight different advantage in ability and aesthetic (tattoo) exclusive options.

      We may see the same happen with Dragonborn eventually.

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      • Ok cool, that makes the $74.99 price tag (on sale x.x) a bit more manageable. Seemed quite steep if it’s absolutely the only way to unlock it. O who I’m I kidding… $74.99 for a race?!?! I know it comes with extras but dang lol.

        That said, the race looks pretty cool.

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