Gamers all around the world have faced a time when they wanted to try something new, but were too afraid to explore the large gaming universe. Of course, many of them stuck to their original games or to the category of games they were playing (RPG, MOBA, FPS and so on).

Few of them actually expanded their gaming experience and moved to something entirely new. Some of them chose games from another category, some of them switched from PC to consoles and some of them tried online games for their first time.

Some of the gamers that tried online games have used the free versions of them just to check them out and see if they like them or not. However, there is the other type of gamers that jumped directly into eSports that feature money and such. Can you guess which games they’ve tried first? Well, the answer is Online Slots. These particular games have attracted many people who have never tried games games before, just because they’re very easy to play.

In terms of popularity, we have looked up and noticed that these are among the most popular online games that exist. There are a few brands out there that provide the best games in terms of graphics, sounds and speed. Some of these games also feature mini games inside of them and the most interesting part is that these minigames are free! But these are not the only features such games have. However, it’s up to every gamer if they want to discover them or not.

If you’re a gamer and want to try something new, this might be your solution. However, the chances for a gamer to return to their beloved video games are very high. In the end, trying something new is part of our lives.

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  1. Article is a bit vague when describing “explorer” games; the article uses phrases like “these are among the most popular online games” and “there are a few brands out there”, but doesn’t elaborate to the reader with full context. It would be nice to see examples of these games and brands the article is referring to. For instance, you could probably easily name games such as Minecraft, Spelunky, and other games as great examples of explorer games.

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