It is no doubt, video games are fun, exciting and can be addictive. There is nothing wrong if you see yourself having fun playing many different games online all the time, no one to blame as playing video games is just so much fun, and it chooses no certain age for the afflicted. But just like anything you do, if it is excessive, it won’t do you any good.

Signs That You Are Addicted To Video Games Already 

To assess whether you are addicted to video games or you are just having fun playing, here are some of the signs you have to watch out for:

  • You think about video games all the time.

If you see yourself always thinking about video games even if you are in the middle of work or study, then you might be addicted to it.

  • It is ruining your family and friends.

If your video gaming is affecting your relationship with your family and friends, and you still keep on playing despite that, it is possible that you are addicted already.

  • You feel bad when you were not able to play.

Not being able to play should not make you feel bad, and if it makes you feel bad, then there is something wrong.

Whether it is an addiction in online games, playing at online casinos who have a good selection of slot games to choose from or anything else, seeking help from a professional is sometimes recommended when you feel like you cannot get out of that addiction and it is affecting your personal life already.

Tips Not To Be Addicted With Video Games 

There are things you can do to keep yourself away from video game addiction. And to help you survive it, read below:

  • Keep a time limit and make sure you will stick with it.

One of the reasons why people get addicted to video games is they do not give themselves limits. They let themselves play video games all day long. They set aside all their responsibilities just to give way to playing video games.

Keep a time limit, an hour or two a day, and make sure you follow it. Do not ask for additional minutes, when you say one hour, the game should end after an hour.

  • Avoid gadgets and phones in the bedroom.

You are putting yourself in great temptation if you let your phone and gadget inside your bedroom. For sure, the moment you see your phone or any gadget you use to play video games, you will play immediately. Instead of sleeping, you end up playing video games until morning.

  • Think of other activities.

Video games are not only the activity you can do. You can do a lot of other things like exercise, sports and so on. Go out of your comfort zone and do other things. Be as adventurous and as creative as possible.

There are many things you can do to avoid video game addiction. And as previously discussed, you sometimes have to consult a professional when you feel like you are going beyond the normal.


  1. I think using time management techniques is the most effective in breaking away from video game addiction. My favorite (though it’s mostly used in work management) is using the Pomodoro Technique, so you can break down your day schedule into intervals by setting a timer for how long you’re going to do something.

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