The first two games have been chosen for the GameOgre Summer Marathon Event: Rusty Hearts and Kingdom of Loathing.

I recently played Rusty Hearts by Perfect World Entertainment and wrote a First Impressions article about its interesting gameplay and innovative style of storytelling. Players will probably find its Castlevenia meets Devil May Cry vampires and combo-hit action combat system easy to play and a casual way to meet up with and engage with other GameOgre members.

Kingdom of Loathing by Asymmetric Publications is a browser-based game with a lot of puns and humor. It runs less on glitzy graphics and fancy programming and more on text and hilarity. The real pull of Kingdom of Loathing is that anyone with a web browser can play (it is so low tech it doesn’t even need Flash.) There is a GameOgre guild in game, details will be forthcoming to participants in the event.

Stay tuned, if these two games aren’t enough to contain our enthusiasm, we might be adding Picaroon as a third—it’s a wonderful island-warfare game with boats and pirates that runs in a persistent world.

How do you play? Join the GameOgre forums, introduce yourself, and keep an eye peeled on the blog. The rules and thread in the forum that will guide you through how to play with the rest of us will be appearing soon!