GameOgre is starting a new community game known as Ogre Adventures RPG. We once tried a Choose your own Adventure Game as Ogre Adventures and had bought a forum plugin that we used for a game known as Ogre RPG. However, neither of those worked out. The old Ogre Adventures was not interactive enough and the Ogre RPG was player run with an admin control panel. To make a long story short, neither game works anymore but crucial lessons were learned.

This game learns from past mistakes and uses what works best with our current Ogre Wars game. Ogre Adventures RPG uses one hundred sided dice along with a little creativity to form a fun forum RPG. Players roll to get started with their stats. Strength and stamina are the only two stats that are determined here. Once they have rolled their stats, which is how players join, they then move on to different Adventures.

The first Adventure is called The Attack of Number One. Players roll to move through the different phases or areas to reach the end by combat and overcoming obstacles. Along the way they will increase their stats and levels. Furthermore, surprises could lurk around a few corners.

Each Adventure will take place in a forum thread in the Ogre Adventures forum. Eventually, there will be many different ones of varying levels and difficulty. In addition, higher level players will have their own character pages in the forum. This is where the player can add things to their character and display all they have accomplished in the game.

Further features are also possible in the future. For example, players could have castles and their own armies some day. However, more likely options in the meantime include a game currency, a game item shop, and PvP duels. For now, the game will continue to evolve via the GameOgre community.


  1. First off, i liked the idea for the game.
    After playing it for a while i found that it’s really good forum game and can be played everyday, you don’t really need skill to play the game, all you need is luck :).

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