Have you ever ran across a free game online where all you had to do was click on certain things and you would be on your way to being a hero or a gazillionaire? Come to find out, there are many of these games and they are very fun at first. In fact, they are so fun they can be almost addictive. You keep getting more powerful as time gores on and you want to upgrade to that next big level. The games even continue while you are away. All you do is get it started and watch the money just flow in like from a well-oiled machine.

However, that uforia does not usually last for that long as you start to run out of goals or stuff to do. In some instances, the smooth machine turns into nothing but a grind towards the end. As much as we want the magic to last, it seldom does. That is just how these games are made so far. Hopfully one will reach that holy grail where the game continues to excite players for weeks and months  instead of just days for most. Below are some of the best games in this little niche, but we will be adding more to our Free Game section in the Directory.

Clicking Games:

Cookie Clicker – One of the first clickers.

Clicker Heroes – A game on Steam that has become quite popular.

Adventure Capitalist – How much money can you make?

Doge Miner – Mining simulator by the clicks.

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  1. They are mostly meant to be played just for few days imo. But there are actually some that attract you too much and you become addict lol
    Btw. I like the article. It is nice to give some love to those games, too.

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  2. I havent played any game on this list except it is very simple and sick game lol,I guess these other games on list are good too

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  3. When i first heard about these kind of games i found about Cookie Clicker.
    There was a lot of people playing it when it came out and i saw few people playing it on their phones and it was quite click intensive as name suggests.

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  4. From my experience, clicker games can get boring. It’s more of something to do when you just want to spend a few minutes. For instance, I tend to just hop into a clicker game, purchase upgrades to increase profits in the game, and then close the game and repeat the tasks the next day, because clicking a bunch of times feels too repetitive. Even Cookie Clicker can feel repetitive.

    But on the positive side, clicker games are better than pure idle games, because there’s at least some activity that you can put in. I’ve played idle games that don’t involve constantly clicking at all, such as Holyday City Reloaded, and those games tend to have worse progression, so if you’re looking for an idle game, look for one that isn’t pure idle.

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