Here are the current members of the Madden 19 Ultimate Team (MUT) called the Ogres of DOOM! There have been many changes almost daily, but the teams is finally set now barring the odd move on occasion. Here is the current starting roster:

Ogres of Doom Current Starting Roster


QB: Steve Young – 97 OVR

QB 2: Michael Vick – 92 OVR

HB: Adrian Peterson – 98 OVR

HB 2: Ricky Williams – 98 OVR

HB: Marshawn Lynch – 90 OVR

WR: Jerry Rice – 97 OVR

WR 2: Julio Jones – 96 OVR

WR 3: Odell Beckham Jr. 95 OVR

WR 4: Randy Moss – 94 OVR

TE:Tony Gonzalez – 97 OVR

LT: Anthony Munoz – 98 OVR

LG: Randall Mcdaniel – 95 OVR

C: Dermonti Dawson – 95 OVR

RG: Larry Allen – 96 OVR

RT: Willie Anderson – 94 OVR


MLB: Bobby Wagner – 96 OVR

MLB 2: Ryan Shazier – 95 OVR

LOLB: Roquan Smith – 97 OVR

ROLB: Lawrence Taylor – 95 OVR

SS: Ed Reed – 94 OVR

FS: Paul Krause – 95 OVR

LE: Reggie White – 95 OVR

DT: Gerald McCoy – 97 OVR

RE: Bruce Smith – 93 OVR

CB 1: Richard Sherman – 98 OVR

CB 2: Deion Sanders – 96 OVR

CB 3: Night Train Lane – 94 OVR

CB 4: Mel Blount – 93 OVR

In total, including backups, there are 10 Pittsburgh Steelers in the Ogres of Doom! Pittsburgh happens to be not only my favorite sports team of all time, but also the team for the cover player (Antonio Brown) and the MUT Master (pictured).

Jerry Rice, Ricky Williams, and Ryan Shazier are all three free players that are leveled up by winning different challenges and matches. However, the real leaders of the team are Steve Young, the quarterback, and Bobby Wagner of the defense. As the name suggests, this is a smashmouth football team! Defense and power running (Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch) are key, but this team can also throw the long ball to such big receivers as Jerry Rice, Julio Jones, and Randy Moss. The defense dominates with the likes of a large defensive line and extremely fast linebackers.