Play 1 Starship 
On this game you control ship and shooting enemies that are on your way to finish level


1 Starship
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  1. Solid arcade shooting game, flying over map shooting enemies that comes to your war. During levels u can acquire all kind of different weapons. You have 2 ways of fire, primary is shooting in front of you and 2nd weapon is shooting on side, u can be hit 5 times before your shield after that, game over. U can also get additional armor by obtaining armor power-ups

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  2. Retro game with 2d graphic,but gameplay is good you got to kill bosses and other like some mini dungeons.

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  3. 2D arcade game.You have 5 life and your goal is to destroy other enemies.Dont see anything special ,so 2 stars.

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  4. 2d arcade game that is available to play on game ogre arcade games.You need to fly and destroy enemys , as you progress you will engage boss battles.

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  5. Really addicting and fun game. You have to avoid or destroy enemies by left clicking on your mouse. Each enemy gives you 5 points or more depending on the difficulty of the enemy. You have 5 lives, after your health bar runs out you either submit score or try again. You can also obtain armor by shooting at objects near the end of every act.

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  6. Old school arcade with starships and shooting!!! Well i used to play similar games so i cant say i disliked it.. Though it kinda felt the ship was slow in comparison to other games!!! I rate it 3/5..

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  7. 1 Starship is a fun arcade shooter game. The game is like an easy bullethell game where the player attacks enemies, but also dodges incoming bullets. One thing that I really like about this game is that it can be played with either a mouse or a keyboard. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.5/5.

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  8. Pretty decent old school arcade game. I was actually more or less surprised by the graphics even though they are not amazing for the standards now adays. But overall this game is pretty entertaining and a pretty good game for passing time. I’ll give it a rating of 4/5.

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