For the past decade, there has been tremendous growth in the online gaming and sports  industry. The first online gaming website launched in the year 1994, but it wasn’t until 2010 that online gaming became a popular trend. The 2018 US gambling law significantly changed the US online gaming industry. Globally, more than 1.6 billion people are actively involved in online gaming and fantasy sports.

Online gaming enthusiasts can access various online games from anywhere. But, sports lovers can access these services from TV mostly. Some online gaming platforms offer both online gaming and sports watching services.  Whether you’re trying to find a game in your area or trying to connect with a friend across the nation, the internet has made it possible to find great options even within the US capital city Washington DC and all the DC sports betting sites out there on the internet are just a few clicks away. 

But, the big question is, why is online gaming more popular than sports?

Online Games Catalog

Online games come with a wide variety of constantly updated games and new innovations from developers. Some popular online games include:

  • Fortnite
  • World of Warcraft
  • RuneScape
  • League of Legends

Players enjoy different gaming variations in online games. At an online game site, they get to pick the games they are most comfortable with. Most of the games are in demo mode, meaning players can play the game without spending any money. 

Payment Methods

Another bonus of playing online games is the flexibility of payment methods when you need to pay to play. Players can use various methods to buy play time from their accounts like cryptocurrencies. International online games accept different currency denominations depending on the geographical location of the players. Most online games offer bonuses and promotions attached to the payment methods. 

Enhanced Gameplay

Online gaming offers improved gameplay for online gamers. The gaming developers are constantly improving their games to ensure players have the best gameplay. The online games have enhanced 3D graphics, customized sound effects, and extra features which make the games more interesting. The developers also support live gaming studios. Every gaming developer offers a different set of unique features in their online games. These features range from free games to unique gaming items which trigger bonuses. 


Reputable online games can offer some similar features to online gaming platforms, like:

  • National and sometimes global access
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Different payment methods
  • Mobile experience

Still, online gaming platforms offer more to players than just online game opportunities. Online gaming guarantees you a wide variety of games, multiple ways of playing, and exciting gameplay.


  1. I think video games are more likely to be popular than sports just because people themselves can get into the games, even the competitive video games. On the other hand, not everyone is athletic to compete in actual sports, and so they might not have a huge interest in sports. Plus, 2020 and 2021 has really popularized indoor activities, so that would be another reason for the decline in sports.

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