Did you know that you can have a pet online in many Online RPGs and MMORPGs? Online pets come in different shapes and sizes, but they all provide much needed companionship in large game worlds. Some games allow players to either purchase a pet or earn one by completing a quest. Another way to get a pet in an Online RPG or MMORPG is to start a character with a pet owning class like a Ranger in some games. If none of those options appeal to you, a few online games even focus entirely on pets!

The best type of online game to have a pet in is a single player RPG or an RPG with a big solo mode. Many of the best RPG games and franchises feature pets such as Fate, Torchlight, Titan Quest, and the Diablo games. There so many others that it is hard to list beyond those main four. Some of the games from the RPG universe featured many different elements such as fishing, henchmen, the best casino games, and player auctions. The idea was likely to fill a world as much possible so the players and their pets could experience them without other players around.


On the flip side, pets work well in MMORPGs too. In fact, the pets I remember having the most were in World of Warcraft as a hunter. The hunter is basically the same concept as a ranger so it has plenty of ranged weapons and pets. This was the first class I maxed out the level for because it is the best one to go it solo due to the pet. Not only does the pet engage a monster in melee combat so you can get in range to fire off a shot or an arrow, but you can also improve your pets in WoW. You can name your pet, increase its damage, increase its armor, add skills, and even feed it!

Pets can even be used in text-based RPGs. In other words, some game allow you to role play that you have a pet without any moving graphics as in the much bigger aforementioned games. For example, GameOgre has an RPG known as Ogre Adventures where pets have their own damage. In areas where a certain amount of damage is needed to advance, the damage of your pets is normally added to the regular roll. This helps the players finish the adventures much sooner than they would otherwise. Thus, pets are highly sought after even in an online text game!


  1. Pets are probably one of the best features to ever appear on online games. Just like how it’s easy to share a bond with a pet in real life, the same is true with online pets. You start getting attached to their characteristics from how they look to how strong they are in battle. For World of Warcraft, I think the Hunter class really popularized pets, especially for combat.

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