Enter the future and step into a world where there is endless thrill in the fact that the issues concerning truth, fiction and blending underneath fade away and where you are no longer playing a game, but rather ushering in a way of broadening your mindset. In the wonderful world of virtual reality gaming, where everything is intensified, feelings are amplified, and adrenaline is the essence of this exhilarating universe, every experience is exhilarating, every sensation is more vibrant, and every adventure is more thrilling than the last. In 2024, this year is full of many new VR gaming works. They seem to be released with cutting-edge techniques to tempt gamers to travel in time and space. In these games you may not only find all kinds of dystopian worlds but also mythical creatures that could make your gaming experience really original and futuristic. Therefore, buckle up your goggles; we are about to plunge into VR games of 2024 that are changing the landscape and contouring of digital entertainments.

1. Assassin’s Creed: Nexus

For those who are fans of the Assassin’s Creed series, the turn to VR might appear to be with some skepticism. However, rest assured. Our review of Assassin’s Creed: Nexus had the same kind of fear in its first few hours. However, these were quickly dispelled as soon as we started the new AC story. The operation of over fifteen hours thus inspires you to get into these heroes’ shoes and build a fascinating story that highlights why they are an integral part of this narrative framework. The action takes place across various breathtaking places, and while the main story line doesn’t cover the whole environment, it just gives more unexplored territories for you to find at your pleasure.

2. PowerWash Simulator VR

Our verdict on the VR version of the universally revered power washing game PowerWash Simulator VR is that it is “superb”. It has been successfully brought up to another level of gaming experience, which makes the VR mode our favorite. The game is nice to enjoy if you want a relaxed and playful mood, but if you like a bit of trouble and mayhem, the option for competing with your friends is available.

3. Vampire The Masquerade Justice

Do you fancy donning your most extravagant cape and exhibiting your sharpest fangs, while chasing victims in a laid back town? Then Vampire The Masquerade Justice – a role-playing game in virtual reality – may be just what you’ve been looking for. Through our analysis of Vampire The Masquerade Justice, we pay much attention to the enthralling story and splendid visuals. However, there are some snags such as ‘play repetition’ and ‘false level design’ which must be considered as weaknesses of the game. But, somehow, the game still has plenty to offer and is an essential purchase for any VR game enthusiast.

4. The Lab

The Lab, despite its age, serves as an excellent initiation into the world of VR games, compatible with any headset. Initially crafted for the HTC Vive, a pioneer in mainstream VR headsets alongside the Oculus Rift, it continues to perform seamlessly on all contemporary VR devices. Valve has designed a range of tech demonstrations, from interacting with a robotic dog in a vast open field to demolishing fortresses in a medieval backdrop using a colossal catapult. You can effortlessly while away several hours in The Lab as you familiarize yourself with navigating VR. And the cherry on top? The Lab is absolutely free of charge.

5. Beat Saber

Actually, this game draws on the features of Guitar Hero with lightsabers. In the fast-paced game, you use your controllers as sabers to hack through the glowing cubes which move towards you, circling the pulsating music. Each cube has an arrow pointing out in one of the four directions, this helps you know the block to cut, also making the challenge more difficult.

Sporting the vibrancy of colors and flashing lights of Beat Saber not only enhances its appeal but also intensifies its atmosphere so much. The little bits that spark with every hit are enjoyed, and the objectives light up well amidst the encompassing dimness. The song cues are pixel perfect rhythms that are bewitching when listening through high-quality headphones for an in-depth listening of the immersive electronic soundtrack.

6. Half-Life: Alyx

The next part of the Half-Life series has finally appeared for us, the little-awaited Half-Life 3 was not involved, however it maintains itself perfectly in the storyline between Half-Life 1 and 2. Take the role of Alyx Vance and adventure with her father, Eli. They are ready to combat the invaders. Despite some fans throwing doubt on the decision to develop the game exclusively for VR, Valve has unmistakably made an innovative stride with Half-Life: Alyx. They’ve presented in this demo, as an example of a tip, an augmentation of the VR experience without removing the options that make this Half-Life series distinctive. In his critique of Half-Life: Not only does the monotonous tone capture the state of shock of Alyx, but the atmosphere also walks a thin line between the personal exploration of survival in “Gone Home” and Escape Room’s nerve-racking thrill for resources.

7. Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

It is Saints & Sinners that stands out among the multitude of zombie games, where you feel like you are only barely holding back the undead. Although you have a somewhat free storyline where you help different factions in the post-apocalyptic New Orleans explore the zombie ridden streets in search for fresh supply. Nevertheless, it is the fierce hand-to-hand combat that brings you in, providing the option to design custom melee moves, and which will eventually lead to the extra violence and improvisation you didn’t even imagine.

8. Social Club VR

Social Club VR has a social game that one can play in both single and multiplayer mode.  With autonomy as its major strength, the players can now do many things at once including playing blackjack online, dance, and hangout. It is a game that is highly customizable, where one can change their avatar outfit, to their background music and thereby create a personalized gaming environment. VR players can choose to hone their social skills for a future real-life adventure or spend the night with fellow players from all over the globe, either way they’ll have a blast with Social Club VR. Multiplying player platforms allow the participation of up to 6 participants in which players can choose various casual and shooting games, thereby encouraging engagement, fun and social networking. The provision for non-VR optional mode and including more real-world items in the virtual environment makes the game more accessible and fun to play again.

9. L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files

As opposed to gaming away from your chair and only clicking, you physically jump out of the seat, shoot criminals and reload your Remington 870, simply an unmatched stimulation. The process of persistently solving each case in VR, even though it may seem daunting, brings more joy than just going through cases in traditional settings. The significance of battle is amplified when it sometimes ends up with an accidentally self-inflicted punch to the face. The battle experiences more excitement, even if it can cause a quasi-death blow by hitting my face. The euphoria of combat rises, but not without the occasional self-punch in the face.

10. Among Us VR

Probably you are already aware of games such as Among Us, which is a socially deduced game that became very popular during the pandemic. However, this specific game has experienced a substantial decrease in numbers as players are free now to enjoy the many outdoor activities.

The VR game of this series differs from the previous one due to the necessity to wear a VR headset. The change in the point of view adds tension, and this scenario is more pronounced when you hear the eerie call of an impecunious person who uses the ventilation system while you’re running through the jump puzzles in the engineering portion.

11. Star Wars Squadrons

Unquestionably, this is the first ever Star Wars role-playing game handcrafted for virtual reality which does what it is expected to do, i.e., it throws you into a famous Rebel Alliance or The Empire battleship cockpit, making you feel the heat of the battle. Be it controlling allies in singleplayer or having a bountiful multiplayer fighting experience where boundaries won’t exist, the experience is surreal. Through the presence of an honest flight Stick, Star Wars Squadrons constantly moves the players into the soul of the films, offering an undoubtedly magnificent cinematic experience.

12. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Undoubtedly, any space mission that falls into ordinary duties for us, playing only a small role in the whole action. Star Trek: Bridge Crew was always created with the latest VR technology in mind, and so its rigid nature combined with the realistic displays and controls of the cockpit make you truly feel as if you are a part of this realm and you effortlessly steer the ship along with the challenges its pilot would encounter in real life. Of course, this beats the entire bunch of VR experiences having claim to the position of the best leaving no other than the devoted Trekkies embrace it.

13. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Have you ever wanted to be the one in the pilot’s seat of an airplane and yet be safe from the possibility of being wrongly positioned and make everything fall apart? One can safely pilot and perform a successful landing on the runways like a professional pilot through the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Pushing the VR headset to your face has you teleported into the world. Looking outside as clouds swirl right past away without uncertain glances parting you from your comfort. Whether passing by the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, successfully handling a small jet plane in the New York skyscrapers tight streets, or controlling a seaplane during an air tour across the Serengeti, you have the entire world as your private playground.

14. F1 23

From time to time, a title will come out that requires next-gen consoles or the latest gaming rig just to be able to truly appreciate it. To fully feel the F1 23 racecar atmosphere, you need to attach the headset to your PC. VR, injecting players into the battles as a part of the elite championships, has got an exclusivity to all PC gamers with the latest edition of F1 23.

15. Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is not only a top-tier racing game but also, beyond any doubt, a prime VR experience thanks to the true-to-life physics, the intensity of the graphics and the demand from the community for further improvements. This means that VRAssetto Corsa is possible without any trouble. In addition, it provides native compatibility with Oculus Rift, doing away with a pointless journey to download obscure mods or middleware programs.

In the virtual reality realm, the concept of being in the driver’s seat is always relevant and matches perfectly. Unlike genres like 3rd person shooters which require significant overhaul for VR integration, things like Assetto Corsa require only minor changes in viewpoints as the game generates a sense of head movement to key areas like apexes, rivals and mirrors. Lastly, it is also important to mention that the game is also made with exceptional precision.