Gameogre: Eden Eternal is a free-to-play (F2P) MMORPG published by Aeria Games. Can you tell us more about this magical world and the backstory for Eden Eternal?

Aeria Games: Eden Eternal’s world is a very large and interesting one, with every type of environment imaginable from murky swamps and lush forests to blistering deserts and tattered wastelands, as well as ancient techno-ruins and towering castles. They really stimulate your imagination and get you immersed in the game, and the graphical/visual style is quite breathtaking.

Ancient legend tells of different races from every corner of the world who set off in search of a new place to call home, and upon finding Eden, they worked together to make it their own little utopia. Eventually, as legend has it, conflict arose regarding the direction they should take for their future as a whole, and war broke out between them, leading to a thousand-year war. Lately, a mysterious group of heroes have been born of the Blue Crystals, and possess incredible strength of mind and body, and are on a quest to bring peace back to the land.

The overarching story is pretty standard, but there is a huge amount of content in-game that tells many interesting tales of love, pain, curiosity, consequence and glorious adventure. Individual quests tell their own stories, and so do dozens of “grimoires,” ancient texts which are scattered around the world that help engage the player in the legend of Eden Eternal.


Gameogre: What greatly differentiates Eden Eternal with other MMORPGs is the depth of choices for a character class. Can you tell us about the different classes. Is there a limit for changing classes in this game?

Aeria Games: The class system is a very unique feature of Eden Eternal. Players can change their class at any time, and there are currently 10 different classes to choose from, with more in the works. This creates a very interesting type of balance to the game world, and makes it really easy to create parties that contain all the MMORPG staple classes with your friends, or even players you’ve never met!


Gameogre: Out of the 10 additional playable character classes, are some of them more difficult to obtain than others? How do you discover the other classes? Are the unlocked through questing or achievements?

Aeria Games: The class system is a branching one too, so you start as a Mage or a Warrior, and can grow different sub-classes to unlock others, giving the game a ton of replay value. With so many different possibilities for your favorite character, the game never gets old!


Gameogre: With the unique class system in Eden Eternal, do you find players leaning towards a specific class more than others? What tends to be the favorite classes?

Aeria Games: We haven’t seen any alarming trends in class selection, which just reinforces our confidence about how well-balanced the game really is at this time. Which class you prefer is all about who you are, and how you like to play!


Gameogre: Eden Eternal focuses on effective team play, what are the advantages of playing together as a unit in this game?

Aeria Games: Eden Eternal has group quests, and multi-player instanced dungeons/raids, so adventuring together with friends can help you become wealthy and strong. Solo play is still a very viable option, however, because of the way the game allows you to switch classes at will, so it’s got a little bit of everything.


Gameogre: Another very unique feature about Eden Eternal is the ability for a guild to create a Player Town. Can you give us more information about this feature? Can any guild create a Player town or does a guild have to meet certain requirements first?

Aeria Games: Guild Towns provide some significant benefits for a guild, such as being able to craft better items and potions, or making gold by taxing other players who shop in their towns. Only stronger guilds will be able to open a town, as it requires that you be a Level 3 Guild with at least 30 members! This is a really cool feature for players who enjoy “endgame,” as it is a constant economic supply/demand struggle with competing guilds, and will make-or-break your ability to dominate in Guild Wars, an upcoming guild competition system.


Gameogre: How many Player Towns can one guild have? Are there events that require you to defend your Player Town and are other guilds ever allowed to visit each others towns?

Aeria Games: Each guild is able to create just one large Guild Town, and any player can visit it at any time by searching through a special tool built right in to the game. Players want to visit the towns of big guilds, because they may have lower taxes on their shops, or may have super-exclusive crafting-item shops that offer rare and highly-desirable items.


Gameogre: Currently the level cap of Eden Eternal is set to level 50, will that be raised in the future?

Aeria Games: Absolutely, although Eden Eternal is already a huge game with tons of content, the developers X-Legend have not even begun to unleash all the amazing things you can experience, and level-cap increases are just the beginning. There is so much more coming to the world of Eden Eternal, and we can’t wait for our players to live the adventure with us.


Gameogre: Can you tell us about the different PVP modes in Eden Eternal and the Battlefields?

Aeria Games: PvP is a feature we’re very excited to launch, and will be coming in the near future. Battlefields function as a place for teams of players to battle each other, and can get pretty brutal. Not every guild is competitive, but Guild Wars is going to be another pretty amazing system in the game that allows whole guilds to compete against each other as well. All of this great PvP content and some other PvP surprises are right around the corner, so keep an eye out …


Gameogre: What is your favorite thing to do in Eden Eternal?

Aeria Games: I like to use the e-motes and run around town talking to other people. Of course, it’s also fun to use admin commands to spawn monsters or do other fun things also!


Gameogre: What do you recommend all new players try in Eden Eternal?

Aeria Games: Definitely the new raid dungeons. They are tons of fun when you’ve got 8 players all changing classes and demolishing ambush mobs. A party of 8 wailing on a boss’ Break Point is also a pretty cool sight to behold.


Gameogre: Is there anything else you would like for our readers to know about Eden Eternal?

Aeria Games: Just that the game is still very new, and while there is already tons of content in a huge world, we’ve got even more stuff coming all the time. We just got a huge update with our new Zumi race and some bigger raid dungeons, and soon we’ll be getting PvP, Guild Wars, Battlefields, and much much more!



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