The concept of skin is as popular as the game, Counter Strike Global Offensive. As a matter of fact, the majority of the people who play the game invest to get skins for the weapons which they use. There are few skins which are more valuable and rare than the others. These generally come with a whopping price tag. Take a look at some of these skins.

AWP | Dragon Lore

This is just like a powerful dragon which breathes out bullets from the sniper rifle’s barrel. You will find nice patterns on the handles along with some geometrical figures on optical sight supporting the usual impression of fantasy weapon. It is one of the most expensive skins that had ever been sold. This is definitely not the usual CSGO Dragon Lore but a souvenir one which has a unique set of stickers applied randomly on it. AWP Dragon Lore is very rare and pricey. There is only a tad possibility that you are going to get them when the game match is done. Getting a new version that doesn’t have a scratch is quite difficult. You might have to pay $2,200 for the factory version. The most expensive one had been sold for $61,000.

AK-47 | Fire Serpent

It is one of the most popular skins in the game among the player. This is an excellent skin and looks quite appealing. However, this gun is difficult to be found in minimal ware version or Factory new. It is an old gun which had been released in 2013’s September. It still maintains its rarity. The owners of this rare skin say that they are very happy and makes CSGO inventory worth it.

M4A4 | Howl

This skin is going to give you an impression that you are holding something beastly. It is difficult to keep it from being angry. The skin shoots out bullets at the enemies for making its way to success. M4A4’s Howl Skin is unique and one of the most expensive one. You will not be able to acquire this at the end of the matchmaking. You can only obtain it by trading. This increases its value and rarity, even if this might have not been an intentional one.

AWP | Medusa

Amongst the most obvious choices for AWP, Medusa is another rare skin preferred by AWPs. It had been released during the update of Operational Bloodhound in the year 2015. It has achieved notoriety and rarity pretty quickly.

Karambit | Case Hardened

This is a knife that looks like the tiger claw in shape. It is so strong and solid that it is quite impossible to break it. No one will be able to stand the hit it makes. This is one of the best skins that are available to you. Also, it is the most expensive ones. Incorporate some of the strength to the playing style, too.

StatTrak AK-47 Case Hardened Having Four Titan Holo Stickers

It is a combination of 2 items. The Titan Holo Sticker by Katowice 2014, this team had not to be associated with the scandal of match-fixing but the organization has been disbanded. Thus, it is the only opportunity for the players to get these team stickers. The stickers sell for about $4,000.

M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web

The red color knife is one of the knives of CS:GO that enters into the flesh of the opponent as a wild beast’s sharp canine. It has such a design which can make the players feel strong and also more dangerous. Yet this skin looks pretty graceful due to the light lines which are like the thin web the covers the entire blade. If you get a knife skin, you can consider yourself to be lucky. They are precious and rate. If you have a cool knife, just take it in your hands and watch the character played with it.

AK:47 | The Empress

This has the face of the lady on the body of the dangerous weapon. The lady doesn’t appear to be helpless. In fact, it is just the opposite. A significant amount of power is hidden behind her. This is because she is an empress. The glory of her is enough to prove her power. It will help you to be as powerful as you battle with AK-47 the Empress.

P90 | Emerald Dragon

This is actually the other variation of the dragon design. It is a long and green creature from the fantasy work which tangles around the weapon. It might be waiting for an enemy close by. It is all set to catch the enemy with the help of the dangerous rings in a deadly bullet stream.

Five Seven | Hyper Beast

This is a pistol that is hard and quite powerful. When you notice Five Seven, you will see that it is an excellent piece of art. The skin is expressive and colorful. As a matter of fact, it also appears aggressive and displays its strong power underneath the metal body. Question is whether you will be able to handle the hyper beast.

The skin isn’t less beautiful but you will get this in the game more often than the other skins which have been mentioned above.

AUG | Akihabara Accept

It is a fairly new skin in the world of Counter Strike Global Offensive. Akihabara Accept has been decorated with heat transferring vinyl that has an anime cover. It is an assault rifle which is rewarded for waiting for the long reload time with high rate and low spread of fire.

Gut Knife Freehand

One of the rare features of this knife is that the gun is hooked on the blade of the spine. The gun is popular as a help for the game of field dressing. The gut hook is used for cutting through fibrous things such as webbing, safety belts, and rope. The knife is black and purple in color. Moreover, it is decorated with a metallic market. It appears to be really attractive and is one of the most expensive knives.