It’s summer, so it’s time for the heat-themed game expansions, and MicroVolts will be no exception. This being MicroVolts by Rock Hippo, though, it will be battery-themed and so we welcome “Summer Recharge.” During this content patch we’ll see an expansion in the number of social features, more accessories (including a pink polka dot bikini for Namoi), two new weapons, and a new map for players to disassemble one another on.

The social features will be included in their Battery Charge Program, which is a rewards system for people who involve themselves in the community on the website. Completing objectives such as making posts, connecting FaceBook, and setting up a profile earn charge percentages—and that charge leads to the discovery of community rewards and privileges.

Earning charge can get you a free Rock Hippo Costume Set or the ability to make polls and embed videos in the forums.

The new map is named “Magic Paper Land” and is a space made up entirely of papercraft products, which presumably will be construction paper, origami, papier-mâché, and anything else made out of paper—while it would be interesting, it’s probably not a destructible map as MicroVolts don’t have that anywhere else. The papercraft map will add to their already interesting set of maps for doing battle across and is touted to be their largest map yet.

For players who like Naomi who can turn down a pink polka-dot bikini? (I wonder if they’ll release anything similarly odd for Pandora—like, how about a bat-themed swimsuit?)

The two new weapons added to the mix are refinements of current weaponry: the Thunder Grenade Launcher and the Hornet Rifle. These will be balance for ordinary game play—we won’t be seeing the Blizzard Grenade Launcher from Zombie Infection added as new weapons for standard death match. Rock Hippo hasn’t released the specs or look on these weapons yet; but it would still be interesting to see if they have different FX or sounds (such as peals of thunder or launching bees.) In most cases, though, weapons will be balanced so that those that fire faster inflict less damage per bullet or vice versa.

Alongside these content patches we can also expect movement in the guild system, MicroVolts guilds are called clans. Upcoming tomorrow, July 15th the Clan Clash begins. A nearly month-long tournament that will pit MV clans against one another in a pitched battle for dominance. The Clash will continue until August 11th.

MicroVolts “Summer Recharge” content patch launches today Thursday, July 14th.