While once nothing more than seemingly a pipe dream or just a look at the distant future, Virtual Reality has started to carve out a niche in various areas of the game industry. Now days VR can be seen in such places as TV commercials, indie games requiring VR to play, stores with equipment and even as a prize at Taco Bell of all places. Like many technologies before it, Virtual Reality is now past potential and has arrived.


Some of the equipment is still incredibly expensive while some platforms and devices are not. For example, just saw a VR set for mobile phones for just $15 at Walmart. That is definitely a reasonable price considering that some VR equipment can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Just look at Vive and Oculos Rift. For example, Rift is $599 and Touch can be added for about $200 more. HTC Vive is the same price as those two combined at $799 on New Egg.

Virtual Reality can be found in many different areas of games and some may not be ones you would expect. For instance, VR is also changing the Future of Poker and improving the ability of consoles worldwide with Playstation VR. Of course, this PlayStation version is what Taco Bell is giving away. You buy the $5 box and then text the code on the box to see if you won or not. I just received a text that said try again immediately after entering the code. Also, it is worthy to note that PSVR just launched so don’t be surprised if the system experiences some hiccups with the technology and/or launch titles games.

Regarding VR games, no killer game/app has yet to emerge but there are many standouts already available such as Elite: Dangerous, Job Simulator, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Minecraft VR, Hover Junkers, and Eve: Valkyrie. Furthermore, the biggest VR headsets also have exclusive games just like game consoles. The games exclusive to Oculus Rift include Asseto Corsa, HalfLife 2, and Alien Isolation. The games exclusive to HTC Vive include Pool Nation VR and Everest VR. Overall, players have a plethora of VR choices available to them regardless of the platform.

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  1. Sounds like something that would be pretty cool to experience but as things stand out prices for VR equipment are pretty high up there so hopefully in the future VR equipment would be less expensive and honestly that most likely will be the case.

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