Soul Order’s new version 1.5.0 has released!  Let’s check new contents list and meanwhile have a view about Dark Land Marauder’s exploration in the new version!

New Contents in Soul Order Online Ver1.5.0:

1. Level cap promotes to level 60; new map Mystic Stonehenge opened.

This new land looks bleak, and the monsters there are fierce.

Marauder levels up to 60!  Now she can wear a whole set of level 51~58 equipments, level 60 new weapon and even a whole set of “Lone Chrip Suits“!

Trying new weapons: “Blood Flash Bow” and “Flame Shadow Gun

2. Enhancement successful rate increase: 100% successful rate in “+2 Enhancement”; 80% successful rate in “+3 Enhancement”; 50% successful rate in “+4 Enhancement”.  Moreover, equipments enhanced +4, +7 and + 10 have more beautiful appearance!

Marauder has enhanced her new set of equipment to +4, +7 and +10.

3. New Items added in Shop:

Medicine: Instant HP Pill (lvl 2) and Instant MP Pill (lvl 2).

Mounts: Dragon Turtle and Sun Beast.

Pets: Orange Bunny, Bluesky Bunny, Pet Growth Card and Pet Skill Scroll (CS).

Others: Soulessence of Thunder and Advanced Stand-in Baby.

Both Dragon Turtle mount and Sun Beast mount are cool!

Cute small pet: Bluesky Bunny

4. Max member number of level 1 Guild is 40 now.

5. New quests added: everyday Ace Pill quest and everyday City Master’s blessing quest.

6. Feat system offers more useful rewards.

Good news for Newbies:

1. Drop rate of level 1-30 wild monsters increases.

2. Gift system offers better quality gifts.

New Events in Soul Order Online Ver1.5.0:

[Recommendation System] bonus increase:

Accompany by the release of version 1.5.0, two kinds of rebate rates of [Recommendation System] have been increased temporarily:

[Invite Rebate] rate has been increased by 2 times;

[Recharge Rebate] rate has been increased by 3 times.

Attention: The inviters who invite friends to play SO through [Recommendation System] after new patch 1.5.0 will enjoy this preferential policy.

Details: [Recommendation System]

Do not miss this chance!

Join Soul Order Online, enjoy the new version and discover more surprise!

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