As this sale continues on, the Monster Game becomes more and more genius. I was able to start it today and build myself up without dying a single time. Also I stayed within in the game and directly contributed for 30 to 45 minutes. The result when I did move off on to the sale was a little over level 100. Have to say that the longer you play the easier it gets. The first day I just left the game open and gain levels. The second day, I started playing more and adding to my attack and armor. By today, I can see exactly how the game works and can play accordingly. The bosses are fun and drop some nice loot, but can take a long time to bring down with hit points in the billions.

For buying games, today was about 90% off. First it was a deal that was unlocked by the Monster Game: Rock of Ages. Due to the deal, this game was 90% off for a whole dollar. This game is full of humor and offers strategic depth as well. Plus rolling around and over things as a boulder is just fun. Second, was actually a four pack that will go in’s Forum Shop: Chivalry- Medieval Warfare. Since it was 90% off and has been requested by forum members before, we went ahead and bought a four pack. This a medieval multi-player game that actually got started on Kickstarter in 2012. It also appears to have a large and vocal community along with regular updates and Events. Some Ogres even own the game already so this seems like a natural for a future Ogre Game Time.

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  1. Ahh .. What’s the difference between this one and kingdom come deliverance.. Just the era ?

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