What is a video game knife?

Knives come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors already, but video game knives take that a step further with being as outlandish as possible. Take the ones in the picture below modeled after the knives in the always popular CSGO game. They instantly grab your attention with the bright color and dangerous looking shapes right? These weapons are highly sought after in the game and it is no wonder why just looking at them! You can also look at olybet.eu for sought after games.


Can these knives be bought in the real world outside of the games?

In some cases, yes. The ones above for CSGO can be purchased at online retailers such as Amazon. Lesser known games do not get the same treatment for their top weapons due to demand mostly. The selling point of these knives is quite obvious as they are extremely eye catching.  Some are even sold as props for game-themed birthday parties! The bright eye candy colors and weird shapes actually make some of these look almost harmless. Basically, they don’t look real.


Are these knives effective in real life?

It is possible depending on the materials used to make it, but most of these knives are for looks outside of their games. As mentioned before, some are used as props for birthday parties and other possibilities include being displays and as part of Halloween costumes. however, a few knife makers like Mtech do make the real deal of some of the famous games knives like the huntsmen from CSGO. You can buy it on Amazon for around $30. Just keep in mind that it will not perform as well as knives from more serious knife makers like Cold Steel. Not sure if they sell any directly on video games, but if you buy an outlandish knife from Cold Steel (and they do sell some) you better be careful because it will likely be very sharp.


What is the most bizarre looking video game knife?

Basically, these will be your “gas station knives” meaning that they look awesome, but are not practical at all. The image below fits the bill perfectly, try carrying around that one in public!




  1. Some of these knives are priced in thousands of dollars and that’s just insane to think about, but when you are able to make an in-game economy around them then it doesn’t sound too far fetched.

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