When homework is done, why not relax playing online games. From fantasy to sports, there are top online games popular in 2020 that all students should try.

Top popular online games students play in 2020

During recent years the online gaming field has developed into a large industry due to the digitalization growth all over the world. People like playing games and with the appearance of the Internet, it has become much easier and fun. How many times have you found yourself playing games instead of doing your college homework? Although now you can delegate this task to a review article and base your opinion on scamfighter.net, online gaming still takes a great part of your spare time. New games appear every year so if you are an avid player, you will definitely want to check the top 2020.

Top online games to play in 2020

Some people like playing because it is entertaining. Some do it to feel more confident when beating their opponents and some are just bored because they stay home due to the quarantine. Playing games, you meet people and interact with your friends, which is a special and enjoyable way of communication. No matter what the purpose is, it is a fun and popular occupation and is worth some of your time.

Just like you choose writing services based on speedy paper reviews, you choose games based on other users` feedbacks and bloggers` overviews. Here is the top list of games to check in 2020:

  1.   Fortnite Battle Royale. Available on all devices from Xbox One to Mac, Windows, and PS4, this gaming world counts over 5 million competitors. The game is free and represents the strategic actions of 100 players fighting each other. You can play alone or ask 2-4 friends to join and the final goal is to be the last person alive;
  2.     PUBG. Probably, the most popular game known among teenagers and undergraduates as it can be played even on your smartphone. The game is multiplayer so you can form a team and fight your rivals in real-time. The goal is the same as in all games of this type – to be the last person to stay;
  3.     League of Legends. This is not a new game (almost 10 years old) but it still remains popular among young people due to the spectacular mode and emotions it causes. In the battle arena you have a chance to win your competitors and become a champion. There are more than 100 million active players to test your skill with;
  4.     Hearthstone. This one is cross-platform and requires players to accumulate cards and spells thus enabling your characters with more powers. Then you can use these powers to fight against other players. Winners get gold, new cards, and other prizes;
  5.     Minecraft. Every teenager has already heard of this one as it is the best-selling and most popular game to interact online. Players have an ability to build 3D things, team up with their friends and can keep you occupied for months;
  6.     Sea of Thieves. This game is great for sea lovers as it allows fighting with ships (their size depends on your team size), discover treasures, collect resources and defend islands from skeletons. The success is based on teamwork so you can enjoy the adventures with your friends or meet new players online using texting or audio messages;
  7.   GTA. One more game that makes all youngsters spend long hours at their PCs. The game gives you an opportunity to plan a mission and fight together playing a different role each. You can customize your characters, build a crime empire and do many other entertaining things.

Unlike other platforms in the entertainment field, online games connect people of all ages ruining the stereotype that this is a subject for young people only.

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  1. Kind of surprising, because when I went to school, most of the popular online games students were playing were mobile and social games. I guess when you don’t have to carry around miniature computers (phones) all day, you can just play games on your own computer and have more freedom to play games you want, especially during lockdowns.

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