Video games are one of the most interactive mediums out there as they often give players the chance to explore and become immersed in unimaginable worlds. This could be through heroes battling through a kingdom to rescue a princess or simply through building a farm as video games come in different shapes and sizes.

One thing that is certain in video games is the fact that players are obsessed with fishing mini-games. Whilst there are many mini-games available out there in the gaming world, the most common one seems to be fishing. From Persona 5 to Stardew Valley, people just can’t get enough of fishing leading many to question why.

Rest assured, the long pondered question will finally be answered in this article as we dive into why video games often feature fishing mini-games. So, sit back and enjoy our deep dive into the reasoning why many video games are obsessed with fishing.

A popular pastime

When people think of fishing, they traditionally think of old men sitting in a tiny boat with disgustingly warm beer. However, this is completely inaccurate as fishing has become progressively popular in the past few years as many have begun to see the true appeal of fishing.

It was estimated that recreational fishing put £1.4 billion into the English economy in 2018 and this number is expected to have grown since then. Fishing is just like any other sport as it offers challenges but is rewarding. Many have even argued that the peacefulness of fishing is therapeutic and helps decrease stress.

Ultimately, this is why the hobby is incredibly popular and why many video games feature fishing. If other hobbies such as dancing and golf are demonstrated in video games, then why shouldn’t fishing be featured?

Adds a random element to the world

Another reason why video games constantly add fishing mini-games is to add something unpredictable into the game. Many games feature a linear narrative that often follows one path which can get a little tedious, but a fishing mini-game can break up the monotony and split up the gameplay.

There is no telling what players will catch during a mini-game and the element of surprise adds a whole new layer of excitement to the game. For example, a player will never know what they are actually fishing for in Persona 4 and can even catch weapons whilst partaking in the hobby. Some players may prefer to carry on with the main plot, but others want a more random mini-game which is exactly what they get with fishing.

Help players relax

One of the biggest draws to fishing mini-games is the relaxing element of it. Whilst, fishing does add an unplanned element to the game, players also appreciate having a respite moment from the hectic plot such as the case with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The plot follows Link as the chosen one destined to defeat Ganondorf, but he decides to make time to relax and partake in fishing.

Whilst there are many angling mini-games that are relaxing, the biggest one has to be Animal Crossing. The Animal Crossing series has featured fishing as a mini-game since it was created and it’s one of the easiest mini-games out there. There are no complicated mechanics and all players have to do is tap once they hook a fish.

Paired with the idyllic music and adorable graphics, the fishing in Animal Crossing is one of the most calming activities anyone can do in video games. Other social simulation video games such as Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon use fishing as a means of providing a tranquil environment for players to help them unwind from the real world. These games provide the best form of escapism to players allowing them to embrace the joys of nature without ever leaving their homes.

Make the world feel realistic

There is no denying that video games often create unrealistic environments, but that’s what most people love about the games. As previously mentioned, video games can provide a form of escapism for many and most just want to forget about the stress of the real world completely with no reminders.

However, there are some players that lean more towards realism in video games so that they can create a different life in video game forms such as the case with Second Life and The Sims. If a player in the game could approach a pond and not be able to fish, it would seem quite strange and take away from the realism of the world. This is why mini-games such as fishing are added to some video games as it’s an easy way to create a more authentic experience.

Video games aren’t the only medium obsessed with fishing

It’s worth noting that video games are not the only medium obsessed with fishing as it’s also extremely popular on television with both River Monsters and Deadliest Catch receiving 10 and 18 seasons respectively. The online gaming industry also continues to be obsessed with fishing as there are many games trying to recreate the magic of the smash hit Big Bass Bonanza.

The most obvious answer as to why so many mediums are obsessed with fishing is because it’s a popular hobby that offers so much variety to those who take part in it. It can be both relaxing and intense through the focus, whilst also providing thrills and satisfaction by finally reeling in that massive catch. Ultimately, we expect fishing to continue to be a big part of gaming and remain a staple in many video games for years to come.