Voxel or block based FPS shooters are not exactly new due to the success of both Counter-Strike and Minecraft. Many games have came out trying to find that right formula of both games and create gaming magic. The idea is to be able to create as much as possible ala Minecraft and then have a shooter as the main game dynamic and be able to construct as well as blow anything in the environment up. However, there has not been a game that was what you call a homerun.

Ace of Spades and Brick Force are two of the earliest of this nice little niche, but neither one grabbed a kept a huge player base. Thankfully, this did not stop other attempts at combining the two genres since it does have a great deal of potential. In fact, the possibilities could be endless if you really think about it. Who wouldn’t want to make any character or design any weapon to find in any type of environment?

Block Shooters:

Ace of Spades – One of the the first voxel shooters by Jagex.

Blockstorm – One of the newest and best entries so far. Could be an indie gem if players support it enough.

Brick Force – Free to play on Steam.

Block-n-LoadSandbox building and tactical FPS by Jagex. Is much newer than Ace of Spades.

Castleminer Z – Online coop survival game.

Guncraft – Another early entry. Costs $15 on Steam and lacks player support.

Murder Miners – Also a hit on Xbox Live. Costs $1.99 on Steam.

Of the games above, GameOgre.com has found Blockstorm to be the best of the bunch by far. It is the most creative and has the most solid gameplay. Workstorm (the name of their Steam Workshop is filled with a plethora of innovative and sometime humorous weapons, characters, and maps. For example I was able to play as characters like Shrek and Chuck Norris while wielding katanas and a dragon themed sniper rifle. The amount of created content is actually mind boggling for a game that just officially launched on Steam.


  1. Fps shooter with pixel type of graphic that minecraft has , game looks choppy and doesnt interest me.

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  2. When i saw image,first what dropped on my thoughts is miencraft. First person shooter with minecraft graphic.I dont like minecraft,so i dont like this graphic either.Gameplay is okay.
    3 stars from me

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  3. Fps Shooter video game,It reminds me on minecraft because of pixel graphic,I recommend this game everybody

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  4. I have heard about Ace of Spades and Block-n-Load, but i didn’t know that Ace of Spades was also developed by Jagex as well! I have only watched gameplay of Block-n-Load, but i haven’t seen any out of Ace of Spades yet and i might get to it at some point.

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  5. I think I would rather stick to modded Minecraft if I wanted to play voxel shooters, since there’s so many ways you can customize Minecraft. You can’t really do that easily with other voxel games; but even if voxel shooters did allow players to mod the game, it just isn’t as popular as Minecraft.

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