Whether you noticed it or not, VR technology is already impacting multiple industries and continues to evolve. The past two years witnessed tremendous advances in the VR hardware and software, impacting various spheres of people’s lives. For instance, we might see a trainee surgeons performing mock surgeries inside VR environments, or plumbers using VR headsets to better visualize data related to every boiler part, in the near future.

One particular industry which is on the forefront of virtual reality implementation today is gaming. VR is already having a transformational impact on major gaming platforms even as we speak, including the online sites without Gamstop and ones with it. VR tech will continue transforming this space along with its own evolution going forward.

VR Online Games

Although there aren’t a great multitude of VR games available right now, they are surely to grow in numbers in the years ahead. The VR games operational today go far beyond the pseudo-3D interfaces, and actually plunge the players right into a real-life-like environment, with the help of a VR gaming platform and a VR headset. Resultantly, players are able to enjoy lifelike interactive experiences. The players are able to interact with other players and play games in real time.

Features Offered by VR Games

Apart from enabling players to indulge in real time online games with others in a virtual environment, VR games offer various other attractive features too. For instance, a good VR game would normally have:

  • Realistic video game machines
  • Ability to observe and display body and hand gestures
  • Actual real sounds replicating the atmosphere of any desired environment
  • Ability to chat with others during the game
  • Elaborate game rooms which players can walk through in a fully immersed manner
  • 3D gaming areas where one can select games, sit down and interact with other players

The Future of VR Games

VR games are still in nascent stages, however, the few games available have already evolved considerably in a short span of time. Right now, VR game platform developers are doing everything to make them as real as possible, including the minutest of the details. With VR continuing to evolve, it would be important for the online game industry to change with it too. In the future, we will witness more and more online games adopting VR Tech.

One of the primary aims of developers is simulating certain areas to the maximum extent possible. While some brick-and-mortar arcades are already working on replicating their environments, the future will also see them expanding within the virtual world. This implies that going forward players would be able to enter a virtual city and take a stroll down town. The settings and options in the real world are endless. There is also expected to be a merging of VR arcades with VR games. For example, one moment you might be playing a video game in a VR arcade, and in the next you could be stepping out and find yourself inside a fantasy role-playing online game!

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  1. I’m hopeful that VR will have more uses out there, especially when it comes to simulations (which could lend itself to applications outside of gaming). But VR has felt like a slow progress lately; other than the popular MMOVR game VRChat and the somewhat odd and clunky Nintendo Labo VR kit gaining attention in the past years, I don’t really hear a whole lot of news about VR.

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